059 - Louise Reaney Podiatry Was Boring The Arse Off Me

Louise Reaney is a UK based podiatrist and owner of LR Podiatry. Without knowing, Lousie became an accidental business owner and with that came a surprising amount of stress, mental fatigue, exhaustion and as she explains, "podiatry was boring the arse off me". 

But, this all changed three years ago when Louise made a conscious effort to do something about the boredom that had set in, resulting in her becoming a happy podiatrist who now looks forward to working every day.  

On this episode we discuss:

  • Changing her business name 
  • Getting to the point of exhaustion 
  • Buying an existing general practice
  • Lack of time for CPD
  • Being too frightened to take a risk and make the required changes her podiatry business needed.
  • Becoming an accidental business owner
  • Being busy does not equal success or profitability
  • Feeling trapped and thinking is this what everyone feels like in business
  • Why podiatry became boring  
  • Increasing her fees, resulting in losing a few patients, but having more time, more money and being happier
  • #PodsHealheels  

6 Significant Changes That Turned Louise Reaney's Career Around 

  1. Investing in new equipment 
  2. Joined Facebook Groups (OSGO Healthcare)
  3. Attending an OSGO Live event and meeting
  4. Sending messages to the podiatrists that she met at the OSGO Live event 
  5. Getting a Business Mentor
  6. Attending OSGO Live a second time and meeting Diane Ashcroft - Ep 013

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