056 - Dr Rob Hermann Self-Reflection & Clinical Insights

We're all faced with adversity at one point or another in our podiatry careers and when it happens it a great time for self-reflection and opportunity for personal and professional growth.  

Dr Rob Hermann is a Podiatric Surgeon and owner of Adelaide Foot & Ankle, and he has been practising foot and ankle surgery since 1991. He has practice surgery in all States of Australia and has participated in medical mission work in the Philippines and Vietnam. 

He has had a brilliant career and continues to give back to the profession in many ways, but it has not been all smooth sailing, as you'll learn. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • His early career and introduction to foot surgery
  • The benefits of sharing knowledge 
  • Communicating with patients

The most difficult thing to learn is not the technical aspects of podiatry; it’s the psychology and learning how to connect with your patients. It's about developing skills on how to ask the right questions and listening to where the patient is coming from.

  • Communicating treatment expectations and outcomes
  • Consultation timing 
  • What's coming up for podiatric surgeons in the future
  • Accreditation 
  • Facing adversity in your career and how to deal with it
  • An online surgical audit tool
  • Self-Reflecting and clinical insight
  • Keeping You Active Podcast (coming soon)
  • Why sleeping on a decision and gives your mind time to process and provides clarity.

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