051 - Ian Griffiths & Craig Payne Pod Chat LIVE Braintrust

Ian Griffiths is a London based Podiatrist, and Craig Payne resides in Melbourne, Australia. In October 2017, while Craig was visiting Ian in the UK, he had an idea, "let's do a Facebook LIVE video and see what happens". To their surprise, it was well-received and so began Pod Chat LIVE.

Initially, it was a weekly show, but due to time restraints, it is now produced monthly. Still, with over 60 hours of video recordings, there's sure to be something interesting for every podiatrist.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The reason for starting Pod Chat Live in October 2017
  • How people consume information is changing and why we need to change with the times
  • Why the show went from video on Facebook and YouTube to a podcast show
  • It's a FREE resource - "I’m sorry if you do not like the show, would you like your money back". 
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Craig Payne's - Podiatry CPD Academy 
  • Ian Griffiths - Sports Podiatry Info
  • Niching works 

Final Tip

Ian - Listen to Pod Chat Live, it’s never been easier to have information at your fingertips. 

Craig - Don’t drink the Kool-Aid or jump on the bandwagons that other people are falling for. 

"Be an excellent critical thinker with a certain level of healthy scepticism". 

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