047 - Ben & Sally Haythornthwaite Why Podiatry Is Exciting

Ben and Sally Haythornthwaite are a husband and wife team running a UK based podiatry business called The Foot and Ankle Clinic

Ben is the podiatrist, with a previous employment history of engineering and architecture, and Sally has a background in marketing, brand psychology and management. They have put these previous skills and life experiences together and are becoming a formidable team. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • How Bens past work experience has shaped his career
  • Why they changed their business name
  • Why all foot issues relate to underlying biomechanical issues
  • There's a wealth of knowledge in the profession, and we should be tapping into it
  • All marketing is interconnected
  • Branding is more than just a logo
  • Being an architect has taught Ben to push boundaries, and boundaries need challenging because they are man-made limitations
  • Why you should attend events
  • Why podiatry is so much more exciting than other professions

Final Tip

Sally - Find a niche in podiatry you enjoy and go with it. 

Ben - Get motivated and don't be afraid to fail. 

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