045 - Developing Passion & Culture in Your Podiatry Business with Drs Peyman & Viedra Elison

When it comes to running a successful podiatry business, it is vital to find your passion, surround yourself with the right team, and develop a mindset of success by associating with like-minded positive people. 

Drs Peyman & Viedra Elison are a dynamic podiatry team that own Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, Arizona. I recently spent three days with them in Tempe, Arizona at Business Black Ops, which is a high-level mastermind group. 

I've wanted to get them on the Podiatry Legends Podcast for some time, so while I had them together in Arizona, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to capture their thought of podiatry business success. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Choosing to live in different states to pursue their podiatry careers. 
  • Working on an Indian Reservation in Arizona and how this has shaped Viedra's career and passion for diabetes and limb salvage.
  • Peyman's passion for paediatric biomechanics, foot deformities and peripheral nerve surgery.
  • Associates and culture problems - "Some people are just not trainable". 
  • Why continuing medical education is essential, but if you want to grow a successful business and life, you've got to attend business and marketing events. 
  • You need a positive mindset to bring it all together. 

Viedra's Tip:

In the early part of your career, focus on your education, not your location. You need to get out of your comfort zone. 

Peyman's Tip:

Find a niche market, something you enjoy and hone in on it. And if you feel you're in a rut, start hanging out with new people. 

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