036 - Sean Pincus Diagnosis Dictates Management

Sean Pincus is from Cape Town, South Africa, and he has spent the past thirty years honing his skills in the area of sports podiatry and orthotic design.

Sean understands why communication and psychology are so crucial to the management and treatment outcomes of his patient's foot and lower limb problems. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Why he was initially disillusioned with podiatry until he understood what it is we do for people
  • Changes in orthotic design over the past thirty years and the changes in biomechanical theory 
  • How do you get a patient to take control and responsibility of their foot problem? It’s not your fault; it’s their fault.
  • Psychology of handling patients

"LOOK BEYOND THE FOOT there’s a squishy thing above it called a person". 

  • What to say to who, when and how. It all comes down to experience
  • The importance of new graduates having an excellent mentoring system and learning how to ask the right questions 
  • University only teaches generalised questioning. It's not good enough. 
  • Digging Deeper: Learn to follow a pathway of questioning to get to the information quickly
  • The benefits of asking the same question twice. You often get different answers. 
  • You will gather even more information if you read your notes back to the patient. Then start your examination. 
  • Why jumping to early diagnosis conclusions is dangerous
  • Is what your being told match watch you’re finding in your examination? 

Diagnoses Dictates Management

If you rush through the consultation too fast, without asking the right questions, you will also rush to a diagnosis. Rushed consults may lead to treatment failure, which results in unhappy patients and potential social media negative reviews. 

You often have to get these patients back for further assessment, so in the end, you're spending time with them that you should have done from the start. 

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