025 - Steph Cooper The Comical Anatomist

Steph Cooper is from Western Australia, and she is using the knowledge gained from her podiatry degree to help educate future health professionals in a fun and engaging way. Her website The Comical Anatomist, is making anatomy fun through whimsical illustrations caricaturing the human body.

Steph always enjoyed art at school and enjoyed drawing for fun, but her new passion ignited after attending a Pixar workshop. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Being commissioned by a local Orthopaedic Surgeon for three specific drawings for his surgery. 
    • Knee Arthroscopy
    • Total Hip Replacement
    • Total Knee Replacement
  • We all learn differently and why using Ebooks are a great way to help students with learning anatomy. 
  • Learning in an engaging way
  • Anatomy colouring books and flashcards
  • Why it's important to bring colour into your business. 

"Bringing your personality into your business is excellent for patient retention".  

If you have any questions, please email me directly at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can contact Steph Cooper on +61 0448242856

You can also connect with Steph and The Comical Anatomist on Facebook, Instagram and her website www.thecomicalanatomist.com 

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