BONUS Episode: Day 2 Australian Podiatry Conference, Adelaide

BONUS EPISODE: Day 2 at the Australian Podiatry Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, 22-24 May 2019. 

This episode has been recorded LIVE from the exhibitor's hall, which is why you will notice a buzz of activity and excitement in the background, and if you happen to be at the conference, please drop in a say hello. You'll find the Podiatry Legends Podcast recording desk in Booth C5. 

I have been joined on Day 2 by:

If you have any questions about today's episode please send me an email at email/tf)(, and if you have the time, please check out my EVENTS page at as I am running a two-day Biomechanics & Marketing Workshop on the Gold Coast (7-8 June) with Paul Graham and Scott Sorensen.

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