018 - Scott Sorensen Biomechanics, Pressure Platforms & Milling Orthotics

In 2006, I decided to use pressure/scanning platforms in my biomechanical assessments and patient education, and this is how I met my guest Scott Sorensen. I contribute this technology as one of the main reasons why my podiatry business in Cairns stood out from the crowd and became a market leader.  

Scott Sorensen lives on the Sunshine Coast, owns Footpoint Podiatry, has a CADCAM manufacturing business and also supplies Bodytech Biomechanical Assessment Systems.  

On this episode we discuss:

  • Analogue versus Digital - Plaster Cast versus Scanning
  • Business efficiency
  • Creating a communication pathway. If they can see foot pressure and video it helps with communicating the message and information. 
  • Orthotic education
  • Patient education - taking it to the next level
  • 3D Scanning and printing 
  • The differences, biomechanically speaking, between the UK, USA and Australia
  • Commercial integration 

No One Remembers Who Came Second 

You've got to have some mongrel in you and be willing to try these different techniques and different equipment, but you also do need to know when to walk away. 

No one remembers who came second, so you can't keep waiting to see what your competition is doing and then try and copy them. You need to be a market leader in your area, but you must keep an eye on your overheads. 

"Keep your overheads low it's a good foundation to start a business". 

CADCAM Milling Machines

To have a mill installed in your podiatry practice, you need a specific skill base knowledge first. You need to be confident on a grinder and be able to make and understand orthotic adjustments. 

Scott also recommends visiting his podiatry business in Noosa and see how the Bodytech Systems functions in a real clinical situation. You can also see how the CADCAM milling machines work. 

BONUS: It's a great reason to visit Noosa and make it an educational and tax-deductible trip.

Australian National Podiatry Conference: 22-24 May

At the upcoming Australian National Podiatry Conference in Adelaide, Scott Sorensen, Paul Graham and I will have a booth (C5) in the Expo area.

If you have time, please come and visit us and together we will be able to answer any questions you have in regards to pressure platforms, scanning, orthotic milling machines and our upcoming WORKSHOP - Biomechanics & Business on the Gold Coast in June. 

I will have my podcasting equipment set up and will be planning to release a short podcast episode at the end of each day, so please drop by for a quick podiatry chat. 

WORKSHOP - Biomechanics & Business: Profit From A Better Understanding. Gold Coast 7-8 June BOOK NOW

Every successful podiatrist has an excellent foundation in biomechanics, it's that simple, and this two-day workshop is going to be jam-packed with useful biomechanical information you can apply immediately in your business and with your patients.  

In addition to having excellent biomechanical skills, it's equally important to know how to market these skills. You can have the most advanced biomechanical equipment and have acquired biomechanical skills far beyond any of your competitors, but without a well thought out marketing strategy, it will, unfortunately, go unnoticed.

This is why we're bringing Biomechanics and Business together in one 2-Day Workshop. 

If you have any questions about this episode, or our Gold Coast Workshop, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.comor you can contact Scott Sorensen at email/sales)(body-tech.com.au   

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