014 - Josh Truscott Ultimate Podiatrist (CPD Made Easy)

To become a better podiatrist you cannot underestimate the value of ongoing education, and as part of our registration requirements you must be involved in continuing professional development, CPD, but living in rural areas do not always make this easy compared to our city counterparts. Josh Truscott, the owner of Ultimate Podiatrist, makes CPD easy for podiatrists in both Australia and the UK and helps take away the pain of compliance with registration boards. 

Josh Truscott graduated from Latrobe University in 1998 and travelled and worked for a few years in Canada and the UK before settling down in private practice in Tasmania and eventually Bowral, NSW. 

On this episode we discuss:

1:02 - CPD in Australia and the UK, and the obstacles rural podiatrists face with educating because of travel and time. 

 "The more you study and the more you practice the more you realise you don't know"

6:00 - Working overseas after graduation.

9:30 - The transition from an employee to a business owner and eventually starting Ultimate Podiatrist

12:35 - Selling his Bowral podiatry business and benefits of going fulltime with Ultimate Podiatrist. 

14:20 - Ultimate Podiatrist has developed different types of learnings activities. For example, Expert Presentations Modules are webinars shown ten times per year and presented by experts in the podiatry profession. Simon Bartold, episode 04 was the first expert presenter.  

Webinar Schedule

Webinars are usually run on the first Monday of each month, February - November, and recorded. To date, there are 25 recorded versions in the archives. After a podiatrist watches a webinar and completes a short quiz, a certificate is generated for proof of CPD compliance. 

17:20 - Membership categories: Monthly and yearly subscriptions or you can pay per module. 

20:15 - Josh runs additional events throughout the year himself, and also some events are joint ventures. 

22:45 - Finding something you enjoy and your good at and pursue this interest.  

27:20 - What's next? A career development program /personal coaching. 

29:00 - Benefits of looking for a mentor and talking with more experienced podiatrists. 

30:05 - Vital Few and Trivial Many. The Podiatry Gods

32:35 - Content is relevant to all podiatrists, but tracks are specific to each country, so US Podiatrists would also benefit. 

34:30 - Josh is always looking for people to collaborate with so if you have a course or workshop contact him at email/josh)(ultimatepodiatrist.com.au or via his websites:

AUSTRALIA - UltimatePodiatrist.com.au

UNITED KINGDOM - UltimatePodiatrist.co.uk

If you have any questions about this episode, podiatry marketing or one-on-one business mentoring, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com 


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