012 - Jennie Thompson The Foodie Podiatrist

The podiatry profession offers so many opportunities and my guest, Jennie Thompson from Sydney, who has been practising podiatry for 37 years, is a Clinical Educator at the University of Newcastle and a mad foodie has proven you can run a successful podiatry business and also chase your passions outside of podiatry.

On this podcast episode we discuss:

1:25 - The benefits of being passionate about things outside of podiatry

3:35 - The reality of running a podiatry business. No one teaches us how to run a business, so we must search for information. 

6:15 - The beneficial effects of connecting people. 

7:10 - Working on the business, not in the business.

7:35 - As a business owner it can be incredibly lonely. Therefore it's a good idea to meet up with like-minded people and talk about your problems openly and together find solutions. 

10:15 - How Jennie brought her passion for food into her podiatry business.

10:55 - How cooking relates to running a business and a team. They both have ingredients. 

12:10 - Too many podiatrists work in silos. We should be working closely with other health professionals.

13:30 - The importance of learning the basics of podiatry and how it relates to treatment protocols. 

15:00 - How did Jennie know it was time to sell her clinic and pursue other interests?

"Get business advice early in your career so you're not being chased by fear".

17:00 - A well-run business will give you time back.

18:20 - Why working for yourself immediately upon graduation is not the best idea.

  • Learn from others mistakes
  • Check out other clinics during your holidays
  • Enjoy your holidays for two years
  • Then decide if you want to work for yourself

20:15 - The benefits of having a mentor. 

"Enjoy yourself. You've only got one life so enjoy the day".

Monday Morning Tip

Be kind, because it always works. 

If you want to connect with Jennie Thompson, you can email her at email/hello)(thecooksworkshop.com.au and also check out her website The Cooks Workshop

If you have any questions about this episode, podiatry marketing or one-on-one business mentoring, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com 

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