009 - Ted Jedynak The Foot Mobilisation Master

Ted Jedynak lives in Adelaide, South Australia and he is the Master of the Foot Mobilisation Technique (FMT). During our conversation, we discuss how Ted's mindset shifted from running a traditional podiatry practice to creating a 100% foot mobilisation business, and how this shift has led to him teaching and speaking all over the world. You will be motivated and inspired by Ted's infectious enthusiasm. 

On this episode we discuss:

3:30 - Working for himself upon graduation on a very tight budget and how knowing nothing about business didn't stop his enthusiasm. He didn't even know he needed a provider number. 

6:40 - Where Ted got his business knowledge. (McDonald's, Michael Gerber and other events). 

9:10 - Why he engaged in a business consultant/coach.

10:15 - How the frustrations of some patients not being able to wear orthotics lead him into foot mobilisation. 

11:30 - Marketing opportunity with FMT - patients had a problem (couldn't wear orthotics), Ted found the solution (FMT)

14:20 - His Greatest Business Lesson was losing his business and being throw out of a partnership. Almost overnight he lost his income and had no access to his database. Ted learnt a valuable lesson about having control over your own database. 

16:18 - Boundary between friends and business. Ted trusted him and never saw it the backstabbing coming. 

19:00 - Wisdom learnt from his Business Mentor.

21:25 - Why you must be willing to pay for a quality mentor.

22:35 - How some so-called business coaches do not have the runs on the board. 

24:40 - The 2003/2004 Telstra Business Award - Key Motivators

30:15 - It's a wise thing to look back and reflect on your business, there are many benefits. You will learn more about your business and will show you areas of your business that needs attention.

32:30 - Foot Mobilisation Workshops have evolved.

34:15 - Why FMT helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

35:15 - How FMT became a world phenomenon

36:25 - Why he sold his practices and now concentrates on teaching FMT full-time.

If you have any questions about this podcast, please email me directly at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can email Ted at email/ted)(footmobilisation.com

Ted's Website: https://www.footmobilisation.com and Foot Mobilisation Facebook Page

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