002 - Tony Gavin from OSGO Healthcare

Tony Gavin lives in the United Kingdom and is the Podiatrist/Director of Davenport House Clinic. He is also the mastermind behind OSGO Healthcare, a business created to take the pain out of private practice.

Tony Gavin loves creating new businesses, and on this podcast, we discuss his transition from being a prison officer, owning multiple businesses and eventually starting podiatry at 28 years of age.

We also discuss:

  • Opening a multi-disciplinary clinic upon graduation and purchasing property while he was still a student
  • Not having any fear of failure

"If you follow the paths of other successful people there's nothing to fear". 

  • Why you need to surround yourself with a network of mentors
  • Why it is essential to maintain all your skills

Tony admits he may look successful, but only 10% of the things he tries to do works. The secret is to do a lot of things. 

Marketing Mistakes

Like a lot of other business people, not just podiatry, Tony has made his fair share of mistakes. 

He learnt early on that you're better to concentrate on a small audience and repeat your message often until it is saturated, then move on. 

For example, if you're doing a letterbox drop, sending one flyer to 10,000 homes is less effective than sending the same flyer ten times to 1,000 homes. Frequency is the key. 

In all forms of advertising and marketing fewer words = more success. 

Website Clarity For Podiatrists

Every page on your website should be designed for your patients to make a quick decision. 

  1. Ask for more details
  2. Make an appointment
  3. This is not for me

Make sure your business culture fits the services you're offering. 

Monday Morning Podiatry Tip

Fill your work week with the things you love to do. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please email me directly at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or contact Tony at email/tony.gavin)(osgo.co.uk

OSGO Event: Foot & Ankle Show 2019

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