266 - The Four Types of Patients We Treat with Deb Johnstone

Have you ever considered why some patients are easy to work with, follow all your instructions and always return when requested, while others seem far more difficult to work with, never listen and fail to return for follow-up appointments? 

To have more patient compliance, we must learn how to adjust our behaviour to who walks through the door. Most podiatrists are technicians and are more concerned about what they do, not what the patient wants. 

My guest Deb Johnstone, from Transformational Pathways Australia, will explain that there are four patient behavioural personalities that we need to be aware of. 

If you want your patients to follow your instructions, return as requested and refer their friends and family, you've got to communicate and connect with them the right way; if you fail to connect, you can lose them. 

What you'll learn in this episode can also be applied to your team. 

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