262 - Husband & Wife Teams PART 2

As I mentioned in PART 1, my wife and I worked successfully together for well over twenty years, and it was one of the best business decisions we ever made, so I wanted to produce these two episodes because I knew our story was not unusual.

There had to be others with the same success stories. 

In PART 2, I am joined by Mark and Ariella Caldwell from Feetology Podiatry Clinic in Victoria Point, Brisbane, Tina and Patrick Rainville from Rainville Health, Ontario, Peter and Kathryn Ferguson in Nova Scotia, and David and Jodie Simard from Simard Foot & Ankle Clinic in Ontario, Canada. 

Together Tina, Patrick, Peter, Kathryn, David and Jodie also run a practice management group called the Foot Health Network for Canadian Podiatrists. 

These are four basic questions I asked each couple:

  1. How did working together come about?
  2. What have been the positives?
  3. What have been the negatives, if any?
  4. What advice would you give other couples if they were considering working together? 

Some Big Takeaways

  • In a small business, especially a family business, it can be difficult when you need to give advice or deliver bad news when it's time to let people go because of the emotional connections between both of you. 
  • Having a business mentor, a third person, will not only improve your business but will also reduce arguments and help you reach your goals faster. 
  • It's important always to maintain a good sense of humour. 

"If it hurts your guts and scares you, you're being innovative. If you're comfortable doing it, and there's no pain, you're not pushing yourself." - Patrick Rainville

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