211 - Jason McAninly Physical & Mental Road to Recovery

In 2020, Jason McAninly was crossing the road with a friend when a car ran a red light and ploughed directly into them.

After being thrown 12 metres from the impact, Jason suffered multiple lower limb ligamentous injuries, fractures, hand and arm injuries, and a fractured lower back.

In this episode, Jason explains not just the physical hurdles he had to overcome to get back to work but also the mental struggle, made worse by his marriage breaking down and long periods of isolation during Covid.  

We also discuss:

  • Learning to prepare for things that can go wrong
  • Understanding mental health.
  • Intrusive Thoughts: We all have them. 
  • A mental health injury should be treated just like any other injury. It takes time. 

If you want to connect with Jason, you can find him on LinkedIn and Instagram at @jmcpodiatry. 

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