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Episode #4: Ice Cream To Eye Cream with Moty Ben Shabat

My guest today is Moty Ben Shabat, Co-Founder of SEACRET Direct, a billion dollar skin care company based in Arizona, where they produce products made from Minerals From The Dead Sea.

Moty served a number of years in the Israeli Army as a Medic and his long-term plan was to study medicine, however he had no money, so he moved to the United States when he was 25 years of age to earn enough money so he could go back to Israel and put himself through medical school.

In the end he made so much money he never went back to Israel, and instead he teamed up with his brother Izhak Ben Shabat and together they created a billion dollar company.

This is an amazing story of how you can start with nothing, overcome adversity and build a hugely successful company if you stay focused.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The University of Life, what does it mean?
  • How Moty fell into owning his own business within 24 hours of arriving in the USA.
  • How he made more money selling ice cream than he ever could have made being a doctor.
  • With zero business skills, he learnt how to run his business as he built his business.
  • Don’t let fear stop you from starting. An entrepreneur will jump off a cliff and figure out how to make a plane on the way down.
  • Having an early vision of growth based on realistic figures.
  • Don’t throw out an old shoe until you have a new one.
  • How to deal with ‘Bad Timing’.
  • Why making your team feel like family builds unity and strength.
  • Your goal is to surround yourself with people more talented than you. If it all depends in you…your success may be short lived.
  • Why it’s important to look for products that are not seasonal
  • Become solution orientated and don’t die wondering.
  • SEACRET is the company (12 years old) – sold 1.5 billion dollars worth of products. This year they will turnover $200 million.
  • What is ‘Relationship Marketing’? If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want (Zig Ziglar).
  • Embrace Change
  • If you have a desire to own your own business – go for it and don’t let the outside noises get to you. Do not listen to negative people. There’s always someone willing to tell you why you cannot be successful.
  • Not everything in business will go smoothly, but as long as you stay focused on the finishing line, you won’t see the obstacles.
  • Develop a ‘Finishing Line’ mindset

SEACRET Website: https://www.seacretdirect.com/www/en/au/

To order products from the SEACRET website you’ll need to make contact with an Active Agent and become a Customer, a VIP Customer, or if you're looking for a great business opportunity, become a Seacret Agent yourself.

SEACRET Story: https://www.seacretdirect.com/www/en/ca/community/our-story/

SEACRET currently operate in seven countires; the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Germany.

My Website: http://www.tysonfranklin.com/

Email: email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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