Episode #1 - It's No Secret With Dr T.

Being a new podcast series I know it’s important for the first episode to be good. I talked this over with my good friend and podcast guru Ronsley Vaz, and he said I should be the first guest on my own show.

That’s not what I was expecting, but Ronsley said it was important for my listening to get to know me, what I stand for and to learn more about where I want to take this show.

I hope you enjoy the first episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

What is covered is this episode:

  • The difference between working hard and working smart and why asking for help is one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.
  • What you can learn from watching the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and apply it back to your business. It’s about focus, discipline and having a ‘never give up’ attitude.
  • Why we need to build our ‘Resilience’ muscle and why some people give up way too early.
  • How honest communication helps overcome personal flaws
  • Yes I’m a big kid, but it’s part of my Brand Personality.
  • Everybody has certain superpowers, or business strengths and you need to run with your strengths and get help for your weaknesses. You can’t do it all.
  • What I’ve learnt by opening, expanding and selling over 20 podiatry businesses.
  • How I halved my hours and double my income, and it wasn’t by working harder; it’s about working smart and knowing why you’re doing it. You need to understand your values.
  • The 365 Hour Mental and Physical Challenge. It’s about mentally and physically challenging myself everyday.
  • Accountability – the more people who know your goals and what you’re aiming for, the more accountable you will become.
  • Plan ahead and consider obstacles before you start something new. 
  • Inspiring others was never part of my life plan, but it’s definitely become a side benefit.
  • Every podcast has a message, which is why you should try listening to various types of podcasts.
  • A great time management idea about timing how long it takes to perform certain tasks and using this information to get more done each day.  
  • Why my podcast show is about earning more, working less and enjoying what you do each day.

You can SUBSCRIBE to this podcast series on iTunes and other platforms, and if you have any questions or feedback about this particular podcast series I would love to hear from you.

My new book, It's No Secret There's Money In Small Business is available from all online booksellers and available from all Australian boostores. 

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Visitor Comments

Dean Hawkins on 26 Aug 2017
Enlightening and insight into the man that will be bringing us so much more - well done buddy
Dave Frees on 26 Aug 2017
This is a smart and powerful podcast. It was filled with great, proven, and actionable ideas. If you own a business or professionabke practice then you're going to truly enjoy and benefit from Dr T.
Mimi Chrzanowski on 9 Sep 2017
Very powerful and insightful ----just loved it----so much that is true in my journey in life
Great stuff

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