208 - RAW Worldwide African Safaris with Shane Ross

Raw Worldwide African Safaris is owned and operated by Shane Ross, a Cairns local who is passionate about sharing the wildlife wonders of Africa.

As Shane explains, it's virtually impossible to tell what you'll feel seeing 50,000 Wilderbeast during the Great Migration or hearing a Lion roaring in the distance while you sleep safely in your tent. (Far better experience than visiting a zoo)

Africa is a land of real magic - it exists in every living thing, around every corner you turn, and occupies even the most distant horizons. Africa abounds with mystical creatures, enchanted forests, and arguably the richest cultural diversity of any continent worldwide, and is still a land of ample opportunity - where authentically wild adventures and exploration are easily sought.

Believe me, after you listen to this episode you'll want to book a trip immediately, and if you do feel that way, visit www.raw-worldwide.com asap.

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