190 - Voice Actor Jodi Krangle Talking About Audio Branding

Jodi Krangle is from Toronto, Canada, and has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world, such as Marriott, Dell, Siemens and Kraft. 

Jump onto her website voiceoversandvocals.com and listen to her work, she has an amazing voice and if you've ever been to North America you've probably heard her.

She was an early adopter of the internet and created an award-winning songwriting resource website called The Muse’s Muse in 1995. It helped her learn a lot about SEO and how audio can and should be used in your branding.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Branding is just not graphics
  • Using audio for branding 
  • Audio branding doesn't happen by accident; someone has to put some thought into it if you want it done right
  • Your answering machine message, intros and outros of podcasts, inflight entertainment, kiosk announcements, airline instructions are examples of audio we hear every day and don't realise. 
  • Everyone notices BAD AUDIO
  • If you're using music in your audio message, make sure it matches your branding and voice. 
  • When to use a voice professional 
  • Why you need to know the feeling you want your clients to feel, then you can match the audio. Audio creates emotion. 

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.comor you can connect with Jodi Krangle at voiceoversandvocals.com 

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