184 - Building Your Linkedin Profile with Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher is known as the “cranky old fuddy-duddy who claims to know shitloads about LinkedIn". On her LinkedIn profile, it says she can help global entrepreneurs attract more clients.

Petra helps entrepreneurs around the globe find not just any old client, but the most fun, brilliant, motivated ones. “Your LinkedIn Presence must filter out crap clients and attract the right people”, she says.

On this episode we cover:

  • Why you need to add personality to your profile
  • Why Linkedin is a valuable social media platform for entrepreneurs 
  • Benefits of keeping a narrow focus on your intended market. 
  • Why becoming predictable with your post is a benefit
  • The positive benefits of not being afraid to share your knowledge
  • Why sharing your knowledge will make your clients think about you first and not Google
  • Text and audio messaging 
  • Working through your profile in the correct order
  • Linkedin profile mistakes 
  • Making all your previous work history make sense with what you are doing now
  • Why you need to set up Linkedin company pages

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Petra on Linkedin or via her website www.petrafisher.com

Petra's Online Course 

"Your Daily LinkedIn Dose", will help you rewrite your profile to fully focus on what you have to offer NOW instead of what you did in the past. 

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