183 - Wolf Lane Distillery with Sam Kennis & Darren Barber

Wolf Lane Distillery is a micro-distillery in the heart of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Their Gin is handcrafted to deliver a slice of paradise. 

Today I talk with two of the owners Sam Kennis and Darren Barber about this latest business venture, their new Tropical Gin, and get an update on their Three Wolves Premium Restaurant & Bar, Flamingo's Tiki Bar, and Bay Rd Brewing

What we discussed:

  • Why Gin?
  • Challenges of business ownership
  • Government taxes on alcohol production (My God!!!)
  • Uncertainty of business 
  • Importance of a well-trained team
  • Why your business needs to keep evolving
  • Exit Strategies
  • What's next for the distillery

Final Tip

Darren: Don't overthink it; just do it. 

Sam: Don't think. 

If you wait for everything to be perfect, you've waited too long. Start taking immediate action.

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