180 - (Part 1) 5-Step Website Marketing Growth Plan with Tom Foster

Tom Foster is a former US Marine and the founder and owner of Foster Web Marketing. Tom's team helped me create one of the best podiatry websites in the world and on this episode, we discuss his 5-Step Website Marketing Growth Plan.  

If you want to download a copy of Tom's Website Marketing Growth Strategy, here it is:  Marketing Growth Plan

On this episode (PART ONE) we discuss:

  • Scammers and Google Rankings - Don't fall for it. 
  • Frankenstein Websites - too many add-ons destroy your website
  • Get a website developer you trust
  • Getting on page one of Google. Page one for WHAT?
  • Creating Content - for the perfect client 
    • Be provocative
    • Use success stories 
    • Secrets your doctor doesn't want you to know
    • Five biggest mistakes
    • Ten Best Ways t
  • Nurturing Your List - which includes friends and family. 
  • Biggest errors businesses make s to keep looking for new clients instead of nurturing the clients they already have. 
  • Adding OFFERS - Free Book, Whitepaper, (Audio Download). This will help build a list.
  • Using Video - to answer the top questions your clients are asking. This is easily overlooked, and Youtube is the second largest search engine. 
  • SEO - It's time to look at all your data from your content and videos and start optimising and making changes
    • Longtail sentence questions
    • Not stupid vanity terms
    • Creating LINKS & Getting Back Links from high authority websites
      • Get talked about in the media
      • Wikipedia 
  • Majestic - Domain Trust & Citation
  • Seo Moz

Quotes from Tom Foster:

"You will never a get a love note from Google saying I'm worried about your website". 

"Content is the bait that you use to attract the perfect client".

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More About Tom Foster

Tom is a nationally recognised author of law firm internet marketing services expert. He is the author of The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make With Their Websites and How Smart Lawyers are Using Video on the Web to Get More Cases Without Breaking the Bank, as well as the co-author of the best-selling book, Shift Happens: America's Premier Experts Reveal Their Biggest Secrets to Help You Thrive in the New Economy.

Tom has been featured on numerous television stations, including affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX.

As a speaker, Tom has provided a wealth of information and knowledge on web marketing for the legal and medical industries. His presentations have been eye-opening, advantageous, and incredibly valuable to those who attend. They have been described as “Intense, packed with information, and fun!” and clients have even gone so far as to say “It's the best presentation about web marketing I have ever heard!”

Book Tom to speak at your next event!

Tom lives in Virginia with his wife, Charlotte, and five children, Torie, Sam, Thomas, Maddie, and Luke.  When he is not busy at work—helping his clients dominate their competitors online—you can often find him hanging out with his family, boating, biking or playing the guitar.

He is in a rock band with his daughter, Sam - Mad Brenda!

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