175 - Sam Patton International Man of Mystery & E-Commerce Expert

Sam Patton is a digital marketing consultant who helps eCommerce businesses sell more products. In 2018 he flew six times around the world and these days calls Vietnam home.

He is an international man of mystery, and basically a budget version of Jason Bourne.

Today we discuss:

 - Why living in Vietnam is uncomfortable, but exciting at the same time, just the way Sam likes it. 

- Coconut Cowboys 

- Moving from being the guy at the back of the room videoing conferences to speaking on stage 

- Running a remote business with clients worldwide

- Setting up an e-commerce business the right way

- Why you should not be fixated on the product. It's the business model that is key. 

- Big mistakes people make, like 80 per cent of business owners never go through and understand their customer. It’s not just knowing who you want...you’ve got to go deeper

"Your Client Avatar is like teenage sex; everybody says they’re doing it, but nobody is". 

- Falling in love with the customer, not the product

- Positioning yourself effectively inside a niche to become not the better option, not the cheaper option, but the different opinion. 

- Adding complementary products into a niche is easy when you have a hero product

- Third-Party Fulfilment

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