169 - Business Transitioning with Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley, international business growth and marketing coach, speaker, Co-Founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, #1 best-selling author, creator of The Thought Leaders Positioning Model™, and host of the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast.

‚ÄčOver the past 25 years, Samantha has built several successful businesses and created her first 7 figure business from the ground up by her late twenties.

On this episode we discuss: 

  • Her first successful businesses in the dancing industry.
  • The steps involved in transitioning to her next career
  • Life-Coaching Certification.
  • Introducing new concepts to clients without the BIG SELL
  • The difference between telling people what they want, but giving them what they need
  • Presenting new information is all about timing. 
  • Building a community by introducing clients to each other and letting them share their results. (brilliant idea)
  • Transition into business coaching while doing PT and running workshops on health and wellness. 
  • Why you need to protect your online real estate
  • Unpacking your expertise (IP) and knowing how to turn it into something tangible and monetising it by building a brand around it.  
  • Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast 
  • How action brings clarity

First Questions You Should Ask

Business is a marathon, not a sprint and to get started, it all begins with answering a few simple questions:

  1. Why do you want to open this business?
  2. What is your brand?
  3. What makes you unique?
  4. What is your zone of genius?
  5. What is your passion?

"Age is never a problem, just be honest where you are in your journey". 

Monday Morning Tip

Work out the three most important things you want to get done this week and make sure you write them down. Tell yourself, 'if I get more done then that's a bonus'.


When you have a clear space, you have a clear mind to get things done. When you create space in your external world, you create space in your internal world. 

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