163 - Networking The Right Way with Scott Brown

On this episode, I talk with a friend and local Cairns businessman Scott Brown from Allsigns Print and Design about the benefits of networking, how to network properly, and a few tips to make it an effective marketing platform for your business. 

There are many forms of networking, and it is essential to find the right networking group or organisation for you and your business because you want a return on your time and money investment. 

On this episode we discuss: 

  • BNI - Business Networking International
  • Local Chamber of Commerce and other business groups
  • Building credibility and delivering what you say
  • Reputation management
  • The power of giving
  • Consistency: The more often people see you, the more you will be remembered. 
  • You benefit by helping others, especially new attendees, become better networkers. 
  • What Do You Do? - Be prepared for this question. 
  • How to STAND OUT
  • Benefits of networking outside of your local region.   

"Be interested in what others do, and ask why they are there. Ask what do they want to get out of attending this event". 

Arrive Early & Stay Late

Always arrive early at a networking event, don't leave it until everyone is about to be seated otherwise you'll only get to talk with the people at your table.  

And don't leave an event straight away. Plan to stay afterwards as there are benefits to hanging around and talking with people. You will build a stronger connection. 

"Networking is not about you; it's about how you can help others".

Longevity & Consistency 

Meeting someone once is not enough, which is why you need to attend certain networking events multiple times. Consistency is how you build trusting relationships 

When you're talking with someone for the first time look for common interests, and if you do happen to get their contact details, make sure you follow them up afterwards with a quick email. 

Social Media Is Networking

Most people think of networking as face-to-face meetings, but networking also includes social media platforms like Facebook. The only problem though is it's a one-way platform so you cannot see what people are thinking or feeling from your comments, especially in regards to politics.

If you refer to voters as being stupid, ignorant or a DH for voting a particular way, you must remember these same people are on your friend lists, and it could have repercussions on your business.

First Impressions Count

Always look as professional as you can as the first impression does count, and do not, under any circumstances, get drunk or misbehave at a networking event. It will not go unnoticed. 

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or contact Scott Brown at Allsigns Print & Design

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