156 - From Invisible To Influential with Annemarie Cross

If you want to go from invisible to influential in your industry, you must start sharing your story and personal journey. Keeping it to yourself serves nobody, and often we forget the journey we have walked is unique and will relate to certain people, and by not sharing our message some people are going to remain stuck. 

My guest, Annemarie Cross who is known as the 'podcasting queen', is a personal brand strategist and helps individuals get noticed in a noisy world by using podcasting as part of their marketing strategy. 

On this episode we discuss:

1:30 - What is Imposter Syndrome? 

5:00 - What’s your unique story?

7:50 - Don't be afraid of your Digital Dirt.

We've all made mistakes, so talk about it, don’t keep it silent. Take ownership of that conversation and use it to contribute to your learning and teaching. 

9:50 - Steps to go from invisible to influential.

Step One: Insight: 

This information relates to who is your ideal client and the message that you share is going to speak to the issues that they have.

  • Can you specialise in a specific area?
  • What is your unique story?
  • Remember to speak to an audience of one.
  • People are beige because there's no clarity.

11:20 - A lot of business are scared to niche, but when you start to speak into one particular area you’ll find your reputation will proceed itself. A generalist often has their voice, and message spread too far, and therefore they’re not seen as that expert person in any particular area. 

20:10 - Story Telling

23:10 - The benefits of consistently sharing a message.

25:00 - Make sure your terminology relates to the listener. 

Step Two: Intrigue:

You need to speak the language of your ideal audience member, and you want to build something that has real value and maintains their attention. You want all your content to have a call to action, and you'll know if it's having an impact because people will engage with you. 

Step Three: Integrate: 

It is not practical to be active on every social media platform, which is why you need to know which ones are already working well for you. 

Can you integrate a podcast to nurture those relationships even further? Podcasting is a great platform to let existing customers know about all the other services you offer. 

A Podcast Series

Starting a podcast series can help answer the questions your clients may be having and also how to overcome them. You can invite guests who are experts in particular areas and best of all the content is available 24/7. 

When you have a podcast, you can leverage off your other platforms, letting your audiences know you have a podcast. Make sure everything you're doing is connected and shares your podcast message. 

34:40 - Talk from your area of strength. If you don’t like using video, then don’t use it. 

The Buyers Journey

  1. Awareness stage
  2. Consideration stage
  3. Decision stage

36:40 - Not every audio recording you do has got to be a podcast series; it can be used in a private group or on webpages. 

Monday Morning Tip

Don’t eliminate yourself by thinking your story is not worth sharing. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Annemarie Cross email/admin)(podcastingwithpurpose.com

Also, you can visit Annemarie's website Podcasting with Purpose, read her new book Industry Thought Leader, or listen to her podcast The Ambitious Entrepreneur 

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