155 - Social Media And Email Newsletters with Gavin Baker

There are so many online marketing options available when it comes to connecting and staying in contact with your new and existing clients, customers and patients, and my guest Gavin Baker from Baker Labs, out of Knoxville Tennessee believes you've got to go with your strengths and keep your marketing strategy simple. 

Gavin Baker worked with a lot of different businesses, and after evaluating his client base he could see a strong trend towards healthcare, which is where he decided to stay.  

Doubling Down

When you notice an area of your business that is growing faster than the rest and is making good money you need to focus your energy and consider doubling or even tripling down. This is how Baker Labs moved into working with Healthcare clients. 

Biggest Social Media Changes Over Past Seven Years

  • Facebook has become even more powerful than expected, and it now owns many other platforms that used to be competitors.
  • Google has tried and failed multiple times at building a social media platform, but as a search engine, it rules. 
  • Linkedin has become far more powerful as a business platform. 

The Big Four: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

In all honesty, you can only do two platforms well. You can try to do more, but it's not recommended. You should have a primary and secondary platform. 

Facebook is always going to be the number one primary platform. Therefore your secondary platform should be picked based on your personality. 

Instagram Versus Twitter

If you like taking photos and your business is very visual then Instagram is going to be a perfect platform, however, if you are struggling what you should take a picture of, then it may not be the best platform. 

If you're witty and be willing to engage consistently throughout the day, Twitter is a great platform. 

LinkedIn is rarely used as a secondary social media platform because it involves developing a strategy first. 

Tips For Instagram

  • Use hashtags. Hashtags help you be discovered and found.
  • Find other photos in the hashtags categories you're using start to comment and engage with the owners of the page. This will help you get noticed.

But remember, if your business only services within a 30-kilometre radius from your primary location, does having engagement with another company a thousand miles away be of benefit? 

Which Are You More Likely To Do?

You need to operate where you do your best work. Assuming Instagram and Twitter are equal:

  • Which platform are you more likely to do?
  • Which platform comes more easily?

Most people fail at marketing because they get stuck trying to do things they're no good at and they only do it because everyone else is doing it. 

If you have to take a picture, but don't know what to take a picture of this wastes time and results in poor image selection, which reflects on your business. 

The Power of Email Newsletters

With email newsletters, you can connect with a lot of people quickly, and can be turned into sales and money, especially on e-commerce websites. 

People love to hate email, and they will always complain about how much they receive, but it doesn't mean they will unsubscribe, so you have to keep sending it because you never know when your message will be heard.

Before You Start An Email Newsletter

  1. Map out why people usually contact you. Answer those questions. 
  2. Think about what may interest your clients.
  3. What have you read that you can tell your clients?
  4. Think about the overall content 

If you want your email newsletters to stand out, you've got to have a Good Subject Line.

"You want clients to see the email and think, I want to open this right now". 

Link Back To Your Website

If you're going to go to the effort of writing an email newsletter and be on social media, you want to get clients going back to your website, not someone else's. 

So if you read an interesting article or report, don't post it on social media or put it in your email newsletter and link it to their website, instead, write your blog quoting what you have read and the source, and link it to your site. Brilliant Idea. 

Email Newsletter Automation

Newsletters can be sent monthly unless you have a lot to say then weekly is a good idea.

Another email newsletter option is to set up an automation process. It can be set up as a workflow or drip email after someone has requested a free report or download from your website. 

Or, you can use an automated email to push out a weekly review of updated content from your website. I do this with my podcasts and blog post using Campaign Monitor, but Mail Chimp and other platforms have similar features. 

There's Something More Important Than The Open Rates

The key is to get your information out because you do not know who is going to read it and when. 

It doesn't matter if a client opens the email or not, just by them seeing your business name in the subject line every month means it is not a waste of time. 

"If they take no action and don't unsubscribe, it means they're not sick of seeing your newsletter".

Keep on sending your newsletter and do not delete anyone from your email list because it's a cheap way to stay in touch. 

Purple Cow

If everyone is doing digital for all their communication, then maybe snail mail is a marketing option and will make you'd stand out. This is what Seth Godin was talking about in his book Purple Cow.

Yes, postage is far more expensive but when was the last time you got a hardcopy newsletter or handwritten card. We don't get as much mail now, so people do look at it. 

It's essential to test the waters and keep trying new things. Never rule out an idea.

Monday Morning Tip

Look in your inbox and find three emails newsletter you like to read and work out why you want to read them. Then produce a newsletter that is like the ones you enjoy, and you think your clients will also enjoy. 

"I want a newsletter like this because it makes me feel like that".

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Gavin Baker at email/gavin)(bakerlabs.co 

Also, you can visit the Bakers Lab website.

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