154 - Working In A Foreign Country with Dr Justin Trosclair

Have you ever considered working in a foreign country? And when I say foreign, I mean a country that does not speak English and must have an interpreter to communicate. If you have, but you're still undecided, this podcast episode with Dr Justin Trosclair should spark some interest. 

Dr Trosclair is originally from South Louisianna, USA and is currently working and living in China, and there were a lot of destinations in between. 

Why China

At 29 years of age, he sold his business and decided he wanted to have an adventure, something he missed when studying Chiropractic, but instead of just spending his money on an extended holiday he decided to turn it into a working holiday.  

He selected China because it had fewer hoops to jump through to be able to work compared to other countries, however it still took six months to get all the required paperwork sorted out. 

Benefits of Working In A Non-English Country (China)

  • You get paid more
  • You seem to work less
  • You're treated very well 
  • You save far more money because the cost of living is lower

They also provide you with an interpreter, so this solves the communication problem. 

Biggest Lessons Living in A Foreign Country

You should not try and change everyone to your way of thinking, stead; you need to embrace the culture, enjoy the festivals, eat their food and remind yourself why you are there. 

Just step back and observe, and do not be a jerk. Otherwise, you will not get invited anywhere. 

You also need someone you can trust to take care of your affairs at home. 

Yearly Evaluation

Dr Trosclair's employment contract is renewed every 12-months, but before he agrees he talks with his wife and evaluates the past year, and together they decide if they want to stay longer. 

They ask two simple questions:

  1. Are we still enjoying the reason why we're here?
  2. If we were at home what would we be doing?

A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Dr Trosclair had a lot of spare time on his hands and was enjoying listening to podcasts so he thought starting his podcast would be a great way to connect and learn from other people, not just in Chiropractic. (Podcast: A Doctor's Perspective)

There are many benefits by starting a podcast, and one of them is always getting guests on his show that he has an interest in their subject as well. 

How to Maintain High Levels of Energy

  • Adequate sleep - whatever you're doing right now can wait until tomorrow. 
  • Use your time each day wisely - break it up and be more diligent with the time you have. You'll get more done. 

You need to work out how much sleep you need and then make sure you get it. 

Monday Morning Tip

Use a To-Do-List. Start a simple to-do-list for the day, or do one for the week. Work out the top 5 things that you want to get done and then mark the top three. Get those done first. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Dr Justin Trosclair at email/justin)(adoctorsperspective.net 

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