151 - The Long-Term Business Benefits of Using A Graphic Designer with Leticia Moran

Leticia Moran has been a Graphic Designer for twenty-three years specialising in corporate print related logos, branding and everything that follows on from that. Leticia is also is my Graphic Designer and is responsible for all my logos and branding. On this episode, we discuss the benefits of having a real-life graphic designer as part of your advisory team and why they are just as important as your legal and financial advisors. 

If you're serious about growing your small business, look at what big businesses are doing. Yes, they use online graphics services, but when it comes to long-term business strategy and direction they have a graphic designer on deck, and you should be thinking the same way. 

On this episode we discuss: 

2:20 - What is a Graphic Designer

3:10 - What's the difference between using for a graphic designer and Canva, or other programs yourself at home? The simple answer has a lot to do with saving time, which in turn saves you money. 

"You build a relationship with your graphic designer and together you go on a journey."

5:10 - Has Fiverr affected the graphic design industry?

6:30 - Why using a graphic designer is an investment in your brand. They help keep everything in check, something you do not get using an online service. 

7:50 - A Graphic Designer will help bring consistency between your brands and sub-brands.  

9:35 - What is a logo suite?  (Fonts, colours, various formats, etc.). A good LOGO should be able to be viewed at the size of a button

10:20 - Style Guides keep the brand consistent regardless of where it is being used. (Business cards to billboards)

13:40 - Why meeting with a client one-on-one is so essential and the benefits you won't get using Fiverr. (Email, phone, Zoom, face-to-face)

14:21 - Taglines

15:25 - Avoiding copywriter infringements. Leticia helps to get inside your head to create originality. 

20:00 - What it was like working with the Matilda Brewing Company and creating the Beez Neez logo. 

"Big companies use Graphic Designers and not Fiverr because they respect their brand integrity". 

25:20 - When people engage a graphic designer it all starts with a Briefing Sheet. 

  • What do you like and dislike (colours, shapes, etc.)
  • Are you creating a new brand or rebranding
  • Do you want to keep some aspects of your old brand
  • what direction are you taking the business. 
  • Has the ideal client shifted and so has the brand

27:30 - The Concept Stage: During this stage, the graphic designer will give the client feedback about colours, icons, etc

29:30 - Different industries have certain colours and images (i.e., Dentistry - tooth Image). However, a graphic designer can assist you in thinking outside the box.

For example, Sunbird Orthodontics in Cairns purchased a business under a different name, which was outdated, so they decided to rebrand the name and everything else that went with it. A Sunbird was relevant to them and so they used it in all the rebranding and it really stands out. Plus it invokes a happy feeling.

34:30 - Why I was a good client. I was good at explaining what I liked and didn't like. There was a lot of clarity, plus we have developed a relationship over time, and now Leticia understands my business objectives. 

35:50 - A graphic designer is a GUARDIAN of people's brands. 

38:10 - Logo and Brand Audits

There is an initial outlay financially for a graphic designer, but it's not as expensive as you may think and it's an investment in your business. A good logo has integrity and longevity. 

Monday Morning Tip

Go online and do your research. Look at competitors do, locally and worldwide. Look at colours, styles, fonts and develop a bucket of ideas before you have a meeting with the Graphic Designer 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Leticia Moran via email at email/leticia)(lmcreative.com.au

You can also connect with Leticia on LINKEDIN and Instagram @leticiamorancreative 

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