150 - Great Businesses Employ Hearts & Minds, Not Arms & Legs with Dr Jesse Green


McDonald's is one of the most successful businesses in the world, and their huge success has convinced everyone that to be successful your business should also start and finish with systems, but my guest Dr Jesse Green explains why this is a mistake and that systems alone do not equal success.

McDonald's is a transactional based business; it's not a relationship type of business. Therefore to make their systems work, they only need arms and legs to get the job done, hearts and minds are not required. However, if you're in a service type industry, you NEED your team to have their hearts and minds engaged with your clients. 

In this episode we discuss:   

2:20 Serving is not necessarily service. 

6:00 Why systems don’t always translate. You need to connect emotionally and provide a proper level of service. You need structure with flexibility.

"If you over systematised your business you rob it of its heart and rob it of its soul and flexibility". 

9:25 If you show that you care and you’re engaged with your clients it sets you apart from your competitors'.

11:00 Always think, how can I do it better. 

15:23 Difference between Frameworks and systems and why your team need to be able to freestyle within the frameworks. 

"Scripts can feel very awkward, it's like wearing someone else’s underwear". 

19:05 Frameworks allow people to develop their hearts and minds for the business. 

20:18 Performance Culture Matrix: How to handle a team member that is not engaged or is lacking heart and soul for your business. 

22:50 The Necessary Conversation

“Whoever sets the frame for the conversation controls the conversation.”

24:45 People need to go through the shit shaver when they walk into your business.

26:05 Why it’s important to employ people with energy. You can teach skills. 

33:32 Net Promoter Score: You have the positive advocates, the negatives advocates and the vanillas in the middle.

34:20 It’s about being on purpose. You can complete a task using arms and legs, but if you bring your hearts and minds, you will approach the task in a completely different way. 

Monday Morning Tip

You've got to get your staff excited about what you’re building as a team. 

"Whoever got you here, may not get your there". 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Dr Jesse Green and if you're a dentist check out his podcast The Savvy Dentist.  

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