149 - Low-Cost Marketing Idea #4: In-Service Presentations

If you want to grow your business doing in-service talks and presentations is one of the most cost-effective tactics you can use, and best of all you get to control the content and pace of the conversation.  

On Episode 148 my guest Clive Maloney discussed the six vital steps required to improve your public speaking skills, and if you do a lot of public speaking, I highly recommend going back and listening to this episode. 

Start Small

Now, I won’t go into the six steps on today’s mini-episode, but one of the tips Clive suggested when you’re just starting, or if you’re nervous about public speaking, is to start small. And there’s no better way to start small than providing in-service talks and presentations to people, businesses and organisations that can refer people to your business.

Conversation With A Plan

One thing I will mention further is how Clive Maloney refers to presentations as ‘conversations with a plan,’ which is a perfect description. You are just talking with people, except for having it all planned out, even the objections.

In-Service Explained

If you’re not sure what I mean by an in-service presentation, let me give you an example. A Podiatrist could organise a short 15-20 minute presentation on a particular aspect of podiatry to a small group of practitioners at a local Doctors or Physiotherapy clinic.

Ideally, the presentation will be on an area of interest to the Podiatrist, or about a service they want to promote. This applies to every profession or business. Don’t do a presentation if it’s of no interest and there’s no purpose behind it.

If You Feel Intimidated

If you feel intimidated presenting to other professionals in your industry, start with non-professionals — however a presentation for your local hairdressing salon, health food shop, and gym or accounting firm.

If you want to have a successful business, you have to do things that are not always comfortable, and public speaking does fit under this heading, even if the audience is small.

It's All About How You Think

I have spoken to a lot of health professionals and business owners, and one common theme I hear is they want to be busier, and they want to attract more new people to their business, however, their budget is limiting their growth options.

I disagree...it's not their budget that is limiting their growth options; it's their thinking.

There's No Cost

Yes, it costs money if you want to advertise using traditional media and even online adverts is not free; however, it costs you nothing but time to organise and provide an in-service presentation about your profession or business.

Six Pillars of Marketing

In both my books, It's No Secret, There's Money In Podiatry, and It’s No Secret There’ Money In Small Business I discuss the Six Pillars of Marketing. 

  1. Professional Referrers
  2. Non-professional Referrers
  3. Internal Marketing
  4. External Marketing
  5. Verbal Marketing
  6. Web-Based Marketing

All marketing pillars should be used for promoting your business; however, some marketing pillars are far more expensive to implement.

Pillar Number Five - Verbal Marketing 

Providing in-service presentations comes under pillar number five - Verbal Marketing and most verbal marketing is relatively inexpensive, however, if you're not comfortable talking in front of people you will find this pillar challenging to build and develop.

Who Is Your Business Spokesperson?

But if you're serious about having a successful business, you need to get over your fear, or you need to employ someone else who can take on this role.

Every successful business needs a spokesperson and if that’s never going to be you, then find someone who will be. When you get in-service presentations working for you, you’ll notice immediately the positive impact it has on your business.

The more in-service presentation I did for my podiatry business, the faster it grew.


But what do you do if you work by yourself and can't find someone else to do the in-service presentation for you? Well, you'll have to sit back and watch your competition grow instead.

On a serious note, if you genuinely have a fear of public speaking, please send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com and let's discuss it further. I managed to get through Primary School, High School and University without ever giving a public presentation, so when it comes to the fear of public speaking, I GET IT.

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