147 - Building Your Resilience Muscle with Chris Desmond

If you want to be successful both personally and in business and be surrounded by a team of successful people, you need to start building your resilience muscle. My guest Chris Desmond from Wellington New Zealand, knows more than most about being uncomfortable. 

Chris Desmond is a Physiotherapist, Business Coach and host of the Uncomfortable is OK podcast. He was also my guest on Ep 07: Uncomfortable is OK

So, What Is Resilience?

Resilience means to be able to navigate and recover from challenging situations quickly.

It's about getting better at overcoming challenges, which improves your ability to do hard things, and in business hard things come up all the time. Eventually, it leads to more success.

"Resilience  breeds persistence and persistence breeds success". 

Why Team Resilience Is Important 

Breeding resilience in your teams is essential. As they improve, you can delegate more tasks, and this will free up your time to work more on your business. 

A more skilled workforce may mean more pay for them but in the long run a better business for you. 

A more engaged team is less likely to leave, which saves times not having to re-train new team members, and also they tend to take less sick days. You end up with more production. 

It's Not About Hardening Up

Just trying to harden up and pushing through a situation leads to being overwhelmed, burnt out, sickness and decreased productivity.  

Resilience is about having a skill set to cope with uncomfortable situations; it's the opposite to just pushing through it. It's figuring out a way for you to go through it while keeping yourself healthy and delivering quality work.  

Where To Start

A) Strategically need to step out of your comfort zone. 

Pick a situation you're not comfortable with and build your resilience muscle to that situation. In business, you may dislike networking events. If that's the case, you need to start attending networking events. 

B) Do it progressively.

Pick something just outside you comfortable a little bit and slowly start building you your resilience muscle. Think about new skills you want to learn. 

It's very similar to running a marathon. You do not jump off the couch and run a marathon; it's something you must train for and over time you build up your distance. 

What happens when the going gets thought? Easy for us to quite

C) Understanding WHY. 

When the going gets tough it's easy to quit, so you need to know WHY you're doing what you do. 

Ask these questions:

  1. How is what I'm doing getting me closer to the person I want to become?
  2. How is what I'm doing getting me closer to what I want to achieve?
  3. How is what I'm doing helping those people around me?

D) Cultivate a community around you that will build you up.

They say you are the average of the five people around you, so do you have people around you that are positive? You get different things from different people, so you need multiple people in your community with different experiences and skill sets. 

You need to know who to go to about a specific topic, and who else for another issue. 

"Building resilience muscles benefit you, your team and everyone else around you". 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or you can connect with Chris Desmond on FACEBOOK at Uncomfortable is OK, LinkedIn or his website UncomfortableIsOK.com

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