136 - Trust The Process with Angela Henderson

If you're trying to navigate the challenges of building a successful small business while maintaining a life worth living you need to trust the processes laid down by successful entrepreneurs who have gone before you, and also business consultants like Angela Henderson, based in Brisbane, Queensland.  

Angela Henderson has a background in mental health and counselling, and for some years has run a successful online business called Finlee And Me, and successful coaching business for small businesses called Angela Henderson Consulting. 

Blogging For Netflix & P&O

When you have a substantial audience on Facebook, and Instagram companies like Netflix and P&O Cruises want to reach your audience and will use you as an authority. This is how some people make money from blogging. 

There Is Power In Networking 

The best way to grow your business is to attend networking events; it's all about hugs and handshakes. 

Sometimes you need to pay to play, but it's always worthwhile as the people you meet may be able to open doors for you. 

Cheap Tickets Versus Priority Events 

You get what you pay for, and if an event is too cheap if often means the organisers and speakers will be selling from the stage. A similar thing happened at a recent Gary Vaynerchuk event, and the feedback was all negative. 

This doesn't mean every cheap ticketed event is a waste of time, but be careful. You're better to select one or two events where you think you will get the most value, and budget and plan to go along to those as a priority. 

Saying Yes Means Saying No To Something Else

Whenever you say YES to something, you are also saying NO to something else. For example, if you say YES to speak at an event, you're also saying NO to spending time with your family. 

Looking at it this way helps you work out where to put both your time and money. 

The Consulting Process

In the first six to twelve months of running a small business, there is usually a level of overwhelm and confusion and many important aspects that need to be addressed to build a business with STRONG FOUNDATIONS:

  • You must validate new ideas
  • Analyse your competitor's strengths and weaknesses
  • Register trademarks 
  • Survey potential audiences using social media
  • Create email lists
  • Do Beta Testing
  • Create a sales page and test it before building a full website

You Need To Fail Fast

Most entrepreneurs get caught up in the next shiny bright light and move onto the next task before finishing the one at hand, and yes, a website is essential, but why spend $4,000 or more on a site without first validating the idea.  

Set Your Fees To Reflect Time & Effort

As an entrepreneur, you will have people ask you for business advice, and in the beginning, you don't mind giving it away for FREE, but you cannot keep doing this. 

Eventually, you will need to charge people, but remember you're not just selling your time; you're also selling your years of experience and recouping all the amount of time and money ($) you have invested in your education by attending seminars, workshops and events. 

Don't let people devalue what you know, or try and shortcut the learning process for FREE. That's not fare. 

But New Business Owners Cannot Afford A Coach (That's BS)

One of the most significant limiting beliefs is new business owners saying they cannot afford to pay you what you are worth when it comes to business coaching or the services you offer, but that is complete BS. 

If they can afford to take a holiday, they can afford to pay you for your time and service. 

"Good Numbers On Social Media Does Not Make You A Business Coach"

If you do get a business coach make sure they know what they are doing and have owned a business themselves. Having tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram may be good for vanity, but it is not an indicator if someone is, or is not a good business coach. 

You Have Got 6-Seconds

When someone visits your website, you have got 6-seconds to grab their attention, or they are gone. 

You need to make sure of the following:

  1. You know who your ideal client.
  2. You have a strong message.
  3. Your website is not leaky.
  4. You're developing the right content for your ideal client.
    1. Podcasts and audio
    2. Video with captions
    3. Articles and blogs
  5. You share the shit out of your content
    1. Newsletters
    2. Email Blasts
    3. Facebook Groups
    4. Pay Per Click 
    5. Social Media Pages
    6. Repurpose every 3, 6, 12-months
  6. Sales Funnels

Trust The Process

To get the most out of coaching the client has got to trust the process. New ideas will come to mind, but it's essential for the client to stay on track and complete the tasks on hand before moving onto the next one; otherwise, they will eventually feel they have too much on the plate.  

Clients often get bored with the process but they must learn to trust the process and the business coach. 

Budgeting For Extras

A good business coach will make it very clear to the client that they will need to invest money into other areas of their business, not just coaching if they want to grow a successful business. 

Most clients need:

  • SEO Audits
  • Copywriting 
  • Web Developers
  • Apps to make business life easier, etc. 

Secondary Markets In The Background

It is imperative for the business owner to know who their ideal client is as it helps direct their content, but many small business owners fear to be so specific with their marketing because they think they will miss out, but that is not the case. 

"I help women in business develop the strategic plan they need for future growth and success". - Angela Henderson

This is Angela's elevator speech, and even though aimed at women, she has many male clients. Therefore never underestimate who is hiding in the background. 

Monday Morning Tip

SMILE: Regardless of what is happening you have a choice to be in a good mood or a bad mood. 

If you have any questions about this blog or podcast, please email me email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can email Angela at email/info)(angelahenderson.com.au

You can also connect with Angela Henderson via her Facebook Group: Australian Business Collaborative, website Angela Henderson Consulting, and please check out her podcast Business & Life Conversations

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