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There's a vast difference between writing and copywriting. Writing can be creative, or factual, and used for fictional and non-fiction blog posts and articles, whereas copywriting is about creating words that go on a page, manuscript or advertisement that tells a message, with a goal to get an active response from what you write. 

Rob Sattler, aka Rob The Copywriter openly shares his copywriting secrets to help businesses owners get better online results using effective sales copy and direct response writing. 

"True Sales Is About Solving Peoples Problems". 

Purpose of Blogs 

Blogs should be used to educate, inform and inspire, and over time they help build trust. People want their problems solved, and if they land on your blog post, you must give them the information they were searching. 

There must be value for the reader; however, at the end of each page, you should have a clear CONTACT US or MORE INFORMATION button. It should be a simple invitation, not a hard-sell. 

Sales Copy Purpose

When you're writing copy for sales you are:

  1. Selling to someone who wants to buy
  2. Helping uncover a problem they didn't know they had. 

Big Website Let Downs 

Most business websites are like brochures. They're full of pretty pictures and a lot of small text. Contact details and phones numbers are often difficult to find, and there's no clear direction button to learn more or buy. 

Create Emotive Headlines

Direct response sales copy if all about creating emotive headlines and emotive sub-headlines, with a goal to get people thinking about the problem they have. 

When someone lands on your website, it's because they've clicked on a link or they found your site while doing a specific search on Google. 

Landing Pages That Work 

Your LANDING PAGE needs to define the problem and how you can solve it. You need to be brief and straight to the point.

Use words that clearly define their problem so they know they're on the right page and explain the solution/s.

Point out the features and benefits and remember this page is not designed to tell them more about you. 

Think About Every Website Page 

All your website pages should be geared around selling or helping the reader take the next step.

Follow this simple format as a minimum:

  • Emotive headline
  • Emotive sub-headline 
  • Short paragraphs that are easy to read
  • Contact or Call To Action BUTTON

Your call to action button could say - Are You Experiencing...Right Now. 

Using Fresh Eyes

When you write copy, do not post it straight away. Go back to it the next day or a few days later with fresh eyes. You'll be surprised what you pick up. 

If you're writing late at night when you're exhausted, you can be exceptionally creative, which is excellent, but this is when you must never post online and always go back and re-read the following day. 

"Just because you can write it doesn't mean you can write direct response sales copy". 

Rob The Copywriter 

When Rob works with a client and before he can write any direct response sales copy he will always send a questionnaire to learn more information. 

  • Details about the product/service
  • All the features
  • All the benefits
  • Details about competitors 
  • Details about the best and worst selling products in their market
  • 5 Reasons why people wouldn't buy from you. 

The last question is important because it addresses concerns why people would not use your product/service, and using this information Rob can spin this information into a benefit from a feature. 

Copywriting Is Not Search Engine Optimisation

Direct response copywriting is for people who have already landed on your page, so your SEO should have already been done. 

If you're getting a lot of visitors to your website, but they are leaving without taking any action, it shows your SEO is good, but your direct response copy is weak. 

Monday Morning Copywriting Tip

  1. Keep it simple and say what you do.
  2. Have a clear headline, so they know what you do.
  3. Only have a small amount of text.
  4. Have clear sub-headlines down the page so the reader can get the gist of what you're talking about and how you can solve their problem.  
  5. At the bottom of every page give them an opportunity to LEARN MORE, or BUY. 

You can email Rob Sattler at email/Rob)(getcopy.com.au and if you visit his website https://www.RobTheCopywriter.com.au you can organise a FREE STRATEGY SESSION

If you have any questions about this podcast or blog, please send me an email: email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com.  

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