125 - The 3 M's of Marketing with Prosper Taruvinga

Many small businesses are not profitable, and the owners do not enjoy what they do each day because they do not take time off to work on the business. They need to learn how to earn more with less struggle. 

My guest today on It's No Secret with Dr T. is Prosper Taruvinga, and he is a digital marketing strategist and owner of Livelong Digital. 

No Strategy

A lot of business owners are busy doing it all, but they have no idea if anything they do is really sticking long-term. 

They have no strategy or systems in place for lead generation and no marketing plan to nurture and convert leads. 

Bottom line, they have no idea what is working and where the money is coming from. Is it their most recent ad, speaking gig, recall system or website update? 

3 M's of Marketing

  1. Message - What are your products and what are they getting out of you? What is your POD: Point of Difference? 
  2. Market - Who is that person? What is their pain point? What do they want from you and what are they going to benefit from using you?
  3. Media (to reach the market) - There is a lot of choices, so you must first know your message and market before you choose your channel. 

What Is Your Song?

You need to start singing your song, not the song of others. Ask yourself:

  • What is your claim to fame?
  • What are you known for?
  • Why should the market single you out?

Too often small business owners make the mistake of beginning with media before knowing their song.

Build Your Brand

When you know your message and market, you can select your media. You may transmit your message via social media, website, or podcast to find the person with the right type of pain.

Do this right, and over time you will build your BRAND. 

Social Media

Do not treat all social media platforms equal because they are not equal

LINKEDIN: This is the only place you can go online with your pants on. It's a professional platform and not used as often on weekends. 

FACEBOOK: People use Facebook to be entertained and sometimes learning, but more often than not it's to laugh at others misery. Therefore you need to be part of the conversation, so speak with them, not at them. 

INSTAGRAM: Is a mixed bag. If you want to test how many people are connected with you and care about what you post, try posting a good photo without any hashtags (#) and see the response. These will be your real followers. 

Use social media, so people get to know, like and trust you and your brand. 

Monday Morning Tip

Gratitude. Be grateful for the chair you sit on, the computer you work on, the roof over your head, the business that nourishes your bank account and the opportunity to do meaningful work. 

Connect with Prosper

If you do a Google search for Prosper Taruvinga you will quickly find him, otherwise, go to his website Livelong Digital, or you can send him an email at email/prosper)(livelongdigital.com.au

If you have any questions about this podcast or blog, please send me a direct email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com.

And if you're a Podiatrist or an allied health professional, do not underestimate the benefits of having a business coach or mentor because you will get the results you're after much faster. 

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