122 - Social Media Goals with Josh Rimmington

To be successful online, you must first work out your business goals, then look at which platforms are going to best help you in achieving those goals. Where do you want to be found will help decide where you put your time, effort and money.

Will you spend more time focusing on SEO and building your organic traffic on your website, or paid advertising on Facebook and Google?

JR Marketing 

Josh Rimmington is from JR Marketing, and when he first consults with a client, he first needs to know what they want to achieve. Where is their business now and where do they want to take it?

What Do You Want?

Do they want to attract more new clients/customers/patients by increasing traffic to their website, or are branding and retention more critical? Once this is worked out, only then can an action plan be put in place. 

Budget & Speed

If you build it, they will come, is a lie and does not apply to websites, especially if no one knows it exists or they cannot find it in any searches.

Therefore you have two options:

  1. The first is increasing your organic traffic with better SEO, and local maps.
  2. Paid solutions, such as Adwords to increase web traffic.

It all comes down to your budget and how much you're prepared to spend, and how fast you want to grow. Statistics have shown that 30% of Adwords ads get clicked on, compared to only 10% a few years ago, so people are getting more comfortable with paid advertising online.

Adwords Versus Facebook Ads

Important Tip: People DO NOT go to Facebook to find a service based business, they go to Facebook to connect with friends and family; therefore if you do an advertisement it must be educational and provide useful information.

Whereas Adwords works differently, people are searching for answers, and if your ad can answer this questions and offer a solution, it will do well.

People don't like being sold to, but they do like to buy.

Instagram follows the same rules as Facebook, and if you want to advertise on IG, you need to grab their attention quickly with a great picture.

Best Marketing

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing; it comes across as being very natural. Ask yourself, what are people doing when they're on each platform and how can you grab their attention without interrupting or annoying them.


Short videos and GIF's work well in advertising on Facebook and Instagram because movement automatically grabs the viewers attention.

Future Trends

Facebook LIVE has been around for some time, but Facebook has invested heavily into Facebook WATCH and IGTV, so this is a good indicator that quick little stories are going to become even more popular.

Audio and Voice Search: As Siri, Echo and Alexa become more mainstream, what people say, not what people type will be more important in SEO.

For example, if you're searching for a Dentist, you may type Dentist in Cairns, but if you were talking to Siri, you might say, Hey Siri where's the closest Dentist to Earlville Shopping Centre.

Therefore, think about how people ask questions and make sure your website SEO sounds natural.

Pay Attention

If you pay attention to what your clients/customers/ patients are doing, and also what you are doing as well in your own life, it will be a possible guide to future trends.

Monday Morning Tip

Choose one platform or marketing method and get good at it. It may be audio, video, or a single online platform. Just do one thing exceptionally well, test it and learn from it, and then apply it to other platforms at a later date.

Don't chase all the shiny bright lights.

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Also if you're in the health industry never undervalue the benefits of having a business coach or mentor because you will reach your goals faster.  

Connect With Josh

Website: JR Marketing https://www.jrmg.com.au

Facebook & Linkedin: Josh Rimmington 

Instagram: Dadpreneur

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