120 - Building Relationships Using Cards And Gifts with Maelea Galyon

Building relationships through gratitude will amplify the impact your marketing already has. It's about relationship marketing, and using cards and gifts is one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tools you will ever use.  

Good Intentions

Maelea Galyon is my guest today from Send Out Cards and as she explains we all have good intentions, but not taking action on these intentions is what lets people down. 

Using Send Out Cards helps you take action right there and then. You can:

  • Thank somebody
  • Celebrate somebody
  • Recognise somebody
  • Mourn with somebody

This is all done through her website buildingrelationships.cards and everyone is entitled to one free card to test out the system. 

Last Time

When was the last time you sent someone a postcard or a simple thank you card? If you can't remember it's been too long. 

Not Handwritten

Some people say the cards are not handwritten and therefore do not have the same impact, but this is not true. It's the intention behind the card which is important. 

Cost Effective Marketing

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on monthly advertising, whereas sending out a card, including postage can be done for as little as $3.00. 

Maelea gave a great example of a plumber who sends out a thank you card to every client for merely letting him submit a quote to bid on the job. And another one after he gets it.  (Very Smart)

It's A Marketing Tool 

Thanking people can become a simple process, and it will increase business referrals. 

Use the 80:20 Rule. 80% of your touches with the client should be about celebrating them and 20% about asking for business and referrals. 

No Negatives

No one will ever complain when they receive a thank you card or small gift. It just won't happen. So if there are no negatives, there are only positives for doing it. 

Increased Awareness

Once you build a habit of looking for reasons to celebrate other people, it changes you, and you become more considerate because it raises your awareness of what is happening around you. 

Top Of Heart

There are many ways to use cards and gifts and if you create a good reach out system you don't just become top of mind, you become top of heart.  

Monday Morning Tip

Start your day looking for reasons to be kind and aim for reaching out to three people each day. 

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Contact Maelea

You can contact Maelea Galyon on Facebook and Linkedin, and her direct email address is email/maeleagalyon)(gmail.com

Website: buildingrelationships.cards Don't forget to go to her website and use the one free card option. 

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