Improve Your Health Without Giving Up The Good Life with Dr Howard Cohn

Everything we do is either a deposit or withdrawal on our HEALTH BANK ACCOUNT, and you cannot keep making withdrawals without also making deposits otherwise your health will go into deficit. 

Dr Howard Cohn is a Chiropractor and is the owner of the Cohn Health Institute in Costa Mesa, California, which is a health and wellness clinic. 

Entrepreneurs Need To Rejuvenate 

On this podcast, we discuss why entrepreneurs need to stop and take time out if they want to rejuvenate their physical, emotional and nutritional bank accounts. Even racecar drivers know they must take a pitstop if they want to win the race, it's no different in the entrepreneurial and small business world. 

Health & Fitness 

People get health and fitness confused. You can be healthy by eating well and not fit, and you can also be fit and not healthy by having a poor diet and not resting.

"Just because you have cheques in your chequebook it doesn't mean you have money. Your health bank account works the same way". 

Diet Is A Choice

People let themselves down by making poor dietary choices. The easiest way to look after your health is to control what you eat.

"People spend more money in the last two weeks of their life to stay alive than they do their whole life". 

Steps To Start Improving Your Health

  1. Be accountable to someone. Tell someone you''re going to start eating better
  2. Eat raw green superfoods. 
  3. Take a pitstop. You need to take time out to rest
  4. Take supplements. Everyone has gaps in their diet, so take supplements to bridge the gap. 
  5. Make the body more Alkaline. If you're in an acidic state, your body will age quicker and be more inflamed. 

"The next trillion dollar industry will be health and longevity."

Developed Own Brand 

Dr Cohn co-founder his a company called SevenPoint2 and developed his range of nutritional products comprising of Greens, Protein Shakes and Alkaline Boosters. 

We heal when we sleep, but poor diet will affect the quality and long-term this will be damaging to our bodies. Alkaline Boosters will make your sleep more restful. 

"When it comes to your health, there's only one way to coast, and that is downwards". 

It's Not Sales Its Operation 

Dr Cohn knew he had a great product, but not the right management team to take it globally, so he decided to team up with Seacret because they had a global operation. 94% of failure in business is systems failure.

Network Marketing

Network marketing was the model he chose you to head down because it gave anyone with a few dollars in their pockets an opportunity to succeed, even though network marketing often receives a bad wrap. 

Most successful entrepreneurs will talk positively about network marketing, which is why you should never take advice from anyone you wouldn't want to trade places with. 

"We're often down on what we're not up on, and we only know what we're exposed to". 

Monday Morning Tip

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and eat raw green foods. You've got to get the body fed, and the cells in your body detoxified. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode or you'd like to know more about the SevenPoint2 or Seacret products please email me directly at email/tf)( 

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