Unpack Your Thoughts Using Visual Models with Renee Hasseldine

Renee Hasseldine is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the author of Share Your Passions. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders to unpack their thoughts and turn them into intellectual property using visual models.

Many service-based businesses have value locked in their heads, which is invisible, but if this can be unlocked using visual models, it can communicate what they do quickly and in turn boost sales. 

4-Types of Models To Create A Signature System 

  1. Success Model
  2. Educate Model
  3. Excite Model
  4. The YES Model

1. Success Model

Will show a client the key ingredients they need to master and achieve success in a step-by-step process. 

2. Educate Model

Shows where they are right now and where they want to go in the future and lists all the action items that are needed to get them from point A to point B. It's about action and doing. 

3. Excite Model

This is all about the feelings and the experience of the client on the journey. It will show different stages as the client moves along the journey. 

4. The YES Model

You're showing the client what are the benefits of the solution you are offering. List out the benefits if they work with you. 

Be On Brand

When creating a model you need to identify the steps and turn them into a picture, and the image/model needs to be on-brand with your business. If you work with high income producing individuals you're not going to use a flower. 

LINEAR diagrams are perfect when an order/sequence needs to be followed; however, if different departments need to work together, a linear diagram would not work. It would be shown best by using circles or boxes and overlapping them. 

The best visual models only have three to seven elements. 

3-Benefits of Models

Every service-based business can benefit from using visual models in three ways. 

  1. Models can 'Communicate Value'. 
  2. Supercharge their sales
  3. Used to 'Wow' their clients

It all comes down to your zone of genius. What are you really good at and can you communicate it properly? If not, use visual models. 

Monday Morning Tip

Have a team meeting and make sure you have a clear agenda on what you will cover. Stick to the agenda.  

  • What are our wins? They need to be celebrated. 
  • What are our current challenges we are facing?
  • What are we focused on in the next week?
  • Review KPI'S and make adjustments. 

If you have any questions about this podcast or associated notes, please send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

To get in touch with Renee Hasseldine

You can visit her website: Share Your Passion 

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