Why Linkedin Rules Over Other Social Media with Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and he is an expert when it comes to Linkedin, using video and getting the most out of your social media marketing. He is an expert in content creation, and in 2015 his blog was Australia's #1 business blog, so he knows what works and what does not. Adam also is a partner at Bluewire Media

Many of the social media platforms have become more significant than everyone initially anticipated, and over the past decade they have evolved and changed, and things that worked a few years ago are no longer working.  

Should Every Business Have A Facebook Page

The short answer is NO.

Years ago Facebook Business Pages worked well, but not so much anymore, but they are still an excellent place for hosting videos and photos. People can connect with your through your business pages, but it's less personal. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have far more impact because it's a private community that you control and there is a better reach to members of the group. Groups are also more personal than business pages, and Facebook will notify members of a group when something new is posted, which they will not do for business pages. 

Facebook wants you on Facebook for as long as possible, which is why they promote group content and personal profiles more. 

You Can Post Less

Not too long ago it was not unusual for businesses to post seven or eight times per day, and this was effective, but now quality beats quantity. You can post less and say more with video. 

How Important Is Video In Your Marketing Strategy?

Written content is excellent for SEO and Google searches, but 80% of content consumed on a daily basis is video. A video posted on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram can be quite powerful. 

And creating a video is also quite easy. All you need is a smartphone, and it's a good idea to invest in a lapel mic (see the link below)

Answer Questions Using Short Videos

We all have information in our heads that people want to know about. What questions are people always asking you at BBQ's? Answer these in an FAQ format by shooting short videos and get them on your website. 

When people see and hear you, it builds trust.  

6X Factor

When people see an ad there only a 14% response rate, however a recommendation via word of mouth has a 90% response rate, six times better than just running an ad. Social media is like word of mouth. If you can get people liking and hearing what you do, it builds trust. 

Video Production Tips (These are gold)

  • Raw footage can be far more authentic than an overproduced video.
  • Overproduction of a video loses trust. 
  • Keep your videos simple and short.
  • Subtitles take extra work and are not required
  • Avoid bottlenecks that will slow down the process of getting it online, such as subtitles. 
  • Add text to your video post, so people know what the video refers to is faster than subtitles. 
  • If you want subtitles, you can outsource it.

What Do You Love About Linkedin?

  • It's a professional platform. 
  • You get more views, likes and comments with videos.
  • Better ROI with your time.
  • Don't have to pay. The organic reach is more significant than other platforms
  • You can readily see a lot of information about the people that like and comment.
  • Therefore it is a warmer introduction. 

Only half a per cent of people on Linkedin publish content, but 25% of people on Linkedin consume, therefore there are some massive opportunities to stand out just by writing articles and posting videos.

4 Things You Need To Set Up Correctly On Linkedin

  1. Have an up to date headshot: It must be no more than two years old and within 5 kilograms (11lbs) of your current weight. You want people to recognise you if you meet in person. 
  2. Use the name for which you are known. If your name is Rosie and friends call you Rose, put (Rose) in brackets. If you have a nickname that people know you by, also put it in brackets. 
  3. In your headline (Job/role): Use words your buyers would use and make it meaningful. Let people know what you enjoy most and what you would like to be doing more. 
  4. The Summary: Three sentences sit about the fold, so lead with the information you're most known for. Below the fold add details about:
  • Who you help
  • How you help them
  • And why they should do business with you

BONUS TIP: Edit the URL and customise it instead of using the URL they give you. 

Examples: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamfranklin/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/tysonfranklin66/

Writing in the 1st or 3rd Person

Pick whichever one you are more comfortable with. Some people prefer writing in the 3rd person so they can toot their own horn a little more, whereas speaking in the 1st person is more conversational. 

Build Your Asset 

If you have a business that is visual then Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are the platforms you're going to use, but if you're trying to build business relationships, Linkedin is where you need to be. 

Social media is a great way to meet people, but you need to get OFF when you can and connect with people in person, by phone and get them onto your email list because you own this real estate. You want to build your asset. 

Monday Morning Tip

Firstly, think about the one social media platform that resonates the most with your audience (Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram).

Next, think about something of value you have, some form of content you have created. It could be an article, a video or a download. 

Finally, post it out to the world letting them know what you have and how it can help. 

If you have any questions about this podcast or associated notes, please send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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