People Quit Too Early with Dr. Chris Zaino

Dr Chris Zaino started his career as an Exercise Physiologist in 1998 and in the same year, he won Mr America. He then became a celebrity trainer for the cast of Xena Warrior Princess & Hercules television series.

Life was looking rosy, and then suddenly he was struck down by a significant health problem and in a matter of 4-months went from 230lbs down to 158 lbs. 

Anti-Chiropractic to Raving Fan

He tried everything modern medicine had to offer with no success and he was facing major, life-changing surgery until a teacher from his old high school recommended he see a Chiropractor.

As expected he was sceptical, however, the treatment plan was successful, so much so that he went back to university and became a Chiropractor himself, and eventually established one of the largest wellness centres in the world seeing over 2500 patients per week.

The key to his success was NEVER GIVING UP and in 2016 he went on the win, Mr Universe. 

"When you're going through the toughest times keep your ears and eyes open to people, places, books and movies. One line could shift your perception and that could change your life". 

There's Only One Certainty 

How often do you hear someone say, "but I've tried everything"? If this was true then you'd have all your goals.

You can't see what you can't see and we all have blind-spots and this is why you need to seek advice from others and you cannot do it all yourself. When will all the positive changes occur, or when will you achieve all your goals? 

It will be sometime in the future, the exact day and hour are not certain, but what is certain is you'll never achieve your goals if you quit. 

Creating Momentum

The hardest part about creating momentum is to keep going when you don't see immediate results with your initial efforts, however, we are sometimes the last ones to see our own improvements.

This is when people quit too early, just prior to the results becoming evident to themselves. 

"When I start a conversation I start with a lifetime relationship in mind, not a one off encounter". 

Tell Your Own Story

Your best ideas come when you're in a moment of panic and this is exactly what happened to Dr Zaino when he was supposed to do a chiropractic presentation. He forgot all his notes and associated slides and even though he wanted to cancel, he didn't.

This was life-changing and he learnt that what we can do is tell our story better than anyone else. He never used powerpoint again. 

Marketing Dinners

This is his secret sauce and his only form of marketing, he would put on a dinner for clients and referrers and just tell his story. (How simple is that, and we all have a story)

We Are All Superheroes

Dr Zaino runs a program called I AM HERO and he helps people find the ultimate hero version of themselves. He bridges the GAP from where they are to where they can be. 

Our Secret Identity

One of his biggest mistakes you can make is thinking life is all about ticking boxes. Nice House, Tick. Flash Cars, Tick. Money in the bank, Tick. These are false beliefs and we create a secret identity, hiding our true superhero self. 

Often we let our job dictate our identity. Chris Zaino would hide behind his title of Doctor, and many people to the same thing. 

"People are not going through a mid-life crisis, instead, they are grieving their true potential".  

Get rid of the secret identities and embrace the hero within. We are created not to retire, we are created to expand. 

Monday Morning Tip - (This is Brilliant)

A hero is not a perfectionist. A hero is a potentialist. 

"A hero does the best they can, with what they've got, in the moment they have, and that's all they're responsible for". 

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