Create A Buzz By Marketing Early

When I owned my podiatry business in Cairns, I decided I was going to open a second location in Mackay, which was approximately 800 kilometres away. The reason I chose this location was that I wanted to determine if my business in Cairns was successful because I had developed great business systems and marketing strategies, or was it because of my reputation as a podiatrist. 

Used My Time Wisely

I'm pleased to say the business was a roaring success and it proved that my systems and marketing strategies were right, but one thing I learnt when I set up this business was about creating a buzz before the door opening on day one. 

Because Mackay was 800 kilometres away, I would stay for two or three days each trip. There was not a lot I could do during the construction phase, so I decided to use my time wisely by visiting local professional referrers and local business operators (coffee shops, florists, shoe stores, etc.) I also talked with each tradesperson about the new business. 

Creating The Buzz

Without knowing I was creating a buzz about the new business and when we opened on day one we immediately had appointments booked, in fact, we were taking bookings well before we began. 

Creating a buzz by marketing early in Mackay made me realise this should be done for all aspects of my business, not just setting up a new location, so every time I introduced new equipment, a new service, or product I decided I would do the same thing. 

Spread The Word

When I spoke with my patients, I would tell them, with excitement, what I was planning and why it was going to be beneficial. I made sure all out professional referrers were well aware of our plans as well, and I would also develop a media release for the local newspaper so the community could be informed. 

If you can create a buzz by marketing early, you're not starting at zero on day one. 

Don't Keep It A Secret

When you order new equipment or decide to introduce a new product or service, it can take months before you're ready to start, so why not use this time to create a buzz by marketing early.   

If you're considering opening a new location, once the decision has been made don't keep it a secret, let your existing patients, clients and customers know what you're planning and get them excited with you. And if they know people near your new location their recommendation will pay big dividends.  

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)( as creating a buzz is something you need to master.

I've done a lot of coaching on this subject, so if you think it's something you'd like to learn more about, send me an email, and we can organise a one-off coaching call focusing on creating a buzz and also maximising the ROI on your equipment purchases.  

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