High Performers Live In The No Doubt Zone with Dr Fern Kazlow


Dr Fern Kazlow (aka Dr K) is a New York City Psychotherapist, speaker, author, and business and branding consultant and she helps business people, especially high performers, the top one percenters (1%) live in the no doubt zone. 

In this podcast episode we discuss:

  • What is Clinical Psychotherapy?
  • Peoples resistance to change
  • Stories, beliefs and Trances. 
  • Trances go much deeper than stories and beliefs.
  • Fear of Failure 
  • Fear of Success: because they have beliefs built around what success involves. (Time, Health, Family, etc)
  • Reframing questions
  • Why some people only get successful to a point and can go no further. 
  • There's more to just having Skills & Knowledge. Your Mindset and the Action you take is also important. 
  • Why some successes are not sustainable.
  • How the top one percenters think and behave
  • Why you may be missing business opportunities and speaking gigs
  • Why people can CRUSH IT, but not sustain it.

Some people may see you as being successful, but if you have an unachieved goal you will not see the same level of success. 

Accidental Success

This is when things happened to line up perfectly for someone, but they don't know consciously how to do it again, because they don't really understand what happened. 'One Hit Wonders'. 

This is why some successful people are not the best coaches because what worked for them may not be the best advice for you, especially if they were accidental successes. 

It may work temporarily and create short-term success, but long-term the client is often left less hopeful, especially if they've had multiple coaches who have been accidental successes. 

Just because you've been divorced it doesn't make you a divorce coach. This applies to business and especially weight loss. A coach telling you how to do things, based on what worked for them is dangerous. 

East & West Coast Analogy

If you asked someone on the west coast directions and they said to go 200 miles east, that's fine, but if you gave the same advice to someone already on the east coast they'd end up in the ocean. The same advice is not always the correct advice. 

Information Won't Change You

Learning how to shift your state of mind from one that's holding you stuck to one that is the source of creativity will change you. 

You need knowledge, you need skills, but you also need to take action. 

It's a dance between consuming and creating and a dance between who you are now and where you want to be in the future. This is why when people say JUST DO IT, it's not always the best advice because it can cause burnout. 

Monday Morning Tip

Ask yourself this question as you face a task, "Is this going to bring me closer or further from who I am, who I want to be and what I'm here to do. This question should be asked every day, not just Mondays. 

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Resource: The 10-Second Kazlow Anchor

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Visitor Comments

Dr Nimesh Patel on 17 May 2018
Dr Fern was fantastic explaining about no doubt zone and resistance. I think as useful as it was to me, I would recommend this podcast to every coach out there for not applying cookie cutter approach their clients. Thank you Tyson for sharing.
Tyson on 17 May 2018
Hi Nimesh, that is a big problem with some coaching companies, they try a one-fits-all approach and it's not effective. It was great that Dr Fern mentioned the importance of this because it's often overlooked. Thank you for your ongoing comments Nimesh, it's very much appreciated. Tyson

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