Relationships In Business with Poppy & Geoff Spencer

Poppy and Geoff Spencer are Relationship Experts based in Sarasota, Florida and authors of the hugely successful book One Billion Seconds. Today we talk about relationships in and out of the workplace, and how to get more out of each relationship in a positive way.

Many relationships fail because there’s a lack of communication skills and maturity, which leads to misunderstandings. Poppy and Geoff help people understand how relationships work and how to avoid the mistakes they made in their relationship.

Relationships In Business and Life

Many people are unaware that 2nd and 3rd marriages fail more than 1st marriages and the reason this happens is poor communication. If the underlying problem continues to exits, problems will keep repeating themselves.

Spouse & Partners Working Together

The are many reasons some spouses and partners can and cannot work well together, which is why the hierarchy of the business relationship is so important? Who is in charge of marketing, sales, etc?

Poppy & Geoff also discussed: 

  • Why you need to clearly define work and home, even if you work from home.
  • Well defined roles are important for a partnership to prosper. 
  • Why you need to learn to see things differently
  • Spouses and partners have a perfect opportunity to balance each other. Having two sets of eyes and ears can be very powerful in the workplace.
  • You need to appreciate each other's skills
  • REFRAMING: Two heads are better than one

Let's Blame Evolution

Evolution has taught us to survive. We have negative thoughts four times more than positive thoughts as a survival mechanism. It’s a caveman protection thing. Thousands of years ago we were always on the lookout for Saber-Tooth Tigers, but today it’s an emotional Saber-Tooth Tiger.

Fear makes us think negatively, and our thoughts affect our actions.

Myer Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI

(Wikipedia): The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.

For example are you: 

  • Extroverted / Introverted
  • Sensory / Intuitive
  • A Thinker / A Feeler

In regards to your partner or spouse, when you understand each other's TYPE you will work better together. However, this applies to everyone in your business, right up to the CEO of the company. 

No TYPE is better or worse, right or wrong, it’s just a preference for one or the other, just like being left or right handed. Your TYPE is not set in stone. You will only have a preference for one or the other, but when it is identified, it gives you the opportunity to work on the less dominate preference. 

It's the same principle when a left-handed people teach themselves to use their right hand for specific tasks.  

It’s About Awareness

Once you are aware of your dominant preference, you can work on your less dominant preference. For example, you may be an extrovert in social situations but an introvert in public situations. When you’re comfortable with your skill, you will perform better, and your skills will develop as you mature.

Monday Morning Tip

Start your day with GRATITUDE and AFFIRMATION for others. This will set the tone for the next 24 hours. Ask the question as you drive to work in the morning about on fo your team members, or business partner. “What’s the ‘one-thing’ that I most value about this person and then share it with that person when you get to work. It will make their day. 

If you have any questions about this podcast or blog article, please email me at email/tf)(, or you can make contact with Poppy and Geoff on one of the links below. 

Poppy & Geoff’s Podcast - The Relationship Restaurant

My interview on their show - Ep #25: Walk The Talk

The Emotional Clock - TBC


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