Mastering Your Mindset with Deb Johnstone

Many small business owners find it challenging to stay focused on the task ahead because of shiny bright lights? And often they let their negative thoughts affect their decision making or lack of decision making and this is where Deb Johnstone from Transformational Pathways Australia comes in. Deb Johnstone is a Mindset and NLP business coach, and I can honestly say she helped me keep my head screwed on when I needed it most and with her advice and guidance also helped me make decisions much faster. 

How we think and what we say has a significant impact on our actions and how we approach our business life. We often fall into generalisations with our comments that are not true. For example, you may say, no one wants to work part-time in your particular industry, but this is not true. There may not be many people wanting to work part-time, but it's not on one. 

Your Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind will delete messages and signs if you keep repeating untrue statements. If you say no one wants to buy your product, use your service or hear you speak, your unconscious mind will delete the positive and highlight the negative.  

Remember, people not wanting what you have to offer are probably not your Target Market, but there is a market for you, you need to find it. 

5 Success Principles of NLP

  1. Know Your Outcome
  2. Take Action
  3. Have Sensory Acquity (Awareness)
  4. Behavioural Flexibility
  5. Physiology & Psychology of Excellence

Know Your Outcomes

Before you start a task/activity, you need to know your desired outcome from the start. And it doesn't always need to be huge or life-changing, but it must align with your goals. 

What do you DON'T HAVE NOW that you WANT TO HAVE after doing this thing

Take Action

Any action is better than no action at all, and if you're clear on your outcome you will be far clearer on the best action to take, or what is the next best step. 

People resist taking action because they're afraid they may make the wrong decision, but there is no wrong action, there are just learning opportunities. When you take action, it gives you a chance to learn, which will help you towards your next action. 

Also doing something once is not enough, it has got to be done many times to build momentum. In fact, it usually takes 90-days to create momentum. 

Sensory Acquity (Awareness)

You need to have awareness around what you're doing and if it is working. You may be given a strategy and told that it would work, but you need to be able to step back and see if it is working. Always measure your results. 

It doesn't mean you dump the strategy if it is not working, just tweak it. Make small changes and reassess. 

The way you perceive the world is directly related to your past and present experiences

This is why you need to TAKE ACTION so you can create new experiences. No action = No new experiences. DO NOT TRY - If you try something you get trying results because trying is not doing. 

Behavioural Flexibility

You need to practice stepping out of your comfort zone and be prepared to make changes in your strategies, actions your taking, conversations your having with people, beliefs, values, attitude and thinking. Be prepared to change your language and no more using the word TRY. 

Always be looking for solutions. Giving up is not a solution. 

Physiology & Psychology of Excellence

How you think and what you do with your body affect one another. For example, it's hard to smile when you're looking downwards, and it's hard to frown when you're looking upwards. Therefore your body position affects your mental health. 

People feel better after exercise and are in a better mood because the brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. When these chemicals are released, it makes you feel good. 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please send me an email at email/tf)(, or contact Deb Johnstone via her website. You can also connect with Deb on Transformational Pathways Australia Facebook Page. 

Deb also has an eBook available to download: 7 Steps To Breakthrough To Success 

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