4 Pillars of Marketing with Rem Jackson

Rem Jackson is the CEO and founder of Top Practices, which is a marketing and management company for doctors in the field of podiatry. Now, before you shoot off thinking this podcast is not for you because you're not a podiatrist, stop, listen and learn, because marketing is marketing regardless of the profession. 

Marketing is the single most valuable use of your time regardless of the type of business you have. 

Riches in Niches

There's a great benefit is doing one thing very well. By staying focused you don't diffuse your energy. A laser and a light bulb both produce light, but it's the focus and intensity of the light that makes the difference. 

Marketing is fun because the results are very obvious. If there is an increase in revenue and patient/client numbers then you know it's working. 


Initially, marketing can be frustrating because it can be slow in the beginning and you don't always see immediate results. It takes patience and over time you do build momentum and with momentum comes results.

12-Week Year

In the 12-Week Year, Brian Moran talks about the 5 Stages of Transformation that you go through when you're doing something new and this applies to marketing. 

  1. Uninformed Optimism - (excitement stage)
  2. Informed Pessimism - (realise there's work involved)
  3. Valley of Despair - (not seeing results). This is where people often quit. 
  4. Informed Optimism - (results are visible) 
  5. Success & Fulfillment - (benefits are fully experienced)

Rem also recommends reading The Slight Edge and The One Thing. 

4 Pillars of Marketing 

1. ONLINE (Internet): Local Search, Reviews, Reputation Management, social media. You need a great website and it must be set up correctly before you start any other marketing otherwise you're wasting your time. 

2. REFERRALS: To professional and non-professional referral sources, personal meetings, etc

3. INTERNAL (Database Marketing): Your database is the most valuable asset in your business and people need to know, like and trust you. You need to communicate weekly via emails, newsletters and videos. 

4. EXTERNAL: A lot of external marketing involves what you do in the community and traditional marketing, which is not dead even though some online marketing companies want us to believe this. 

Nurture, Nurture, Nurture

Marketing is all about building relationships, which is why you need to stay in touch and use all four marketing pillars. People need to trust you before they will spend with you. 

You also need to understand the value of other peoples lists. can you cross promote? Yes, you can. 


If you're going to use VIDEO keep them short. When people see a video their eyes go directly to the bottom right corner to see the time. Anything up to 90 seconds and you're safe. Short videos will be watched more. You can do longer videos once you have earned the viewers trust.

Marketing produces cashflow and cashflow produces freedom - Rem Jackson. 

Monday Morning Tip

Be exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to have a job where you get to serve people and produce an income that looks after your family and responsibilities. 


On Sunday night, work out the one thing you will do at work Monday morning. It could be a blog, etc, but plan it in your diary, have it locked in and EXECUTE. 

Execution is the jet fuel to marketing. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode please reach out to Rem Jackon at Top Practices or send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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