Episode 23 - Make Everything Fun with Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Kathryn Kemp Guylay is the author of six best-selling books, the host of two podcasts, the Mountain Mantra Podcast and Positive on Publishing Podcast. She is also a professional speaker, business coach, entrepreneur and proud mum, and she resides in one of the most beautiful places on earth Sun Valley, Idaho.

Kathryn speaks from experience and during our conversation we discuss entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, nutrition, meeting the President of The United States and Michelle Obama, and why making everything fun is so important.

Entrepreneur Energy

Most entrepreneurs have their minds switched on at all times and a lot of people wonder where they get their energy from? Here’s the answer: If you’re passionate about what you’re doing you can go all day.

Many small business owners get tired because they’re doing something they don’t really like and there’s no passion.

Entrepreneurs don’t get tired because they’re doing things that are interesting and usually things they love to do and this is a renewing source of energy.

Steve Jobs would ask himself, am I excited about what I’m doing today? If he wasn’t he would change it.

Associated Fluency

Sometimes things that seemingly look unrelated are very much related. Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class at university and it was this class that taught him about fonts and design that became a big part of Apple.

Move Your Body

You can learn better by listening and moving your body at the same time, which is why walking and listening to podcasts works so well.

When you clear your head by being in the present moment, you will get clarify and new ideas. Make sure you use your phone to record your thoughts, because they’re usually the good ones, when your mind is clear.

6 Step Process to Start The New Year

Step 1: Close out the previous year - Take time to celebrate your accomplishments, new skills and new relationships, but also review and learn from the mistakes you made.  

Step 2: Clutter Clearing: You need to make space for the new year ahead, just like thinning out your garden each year so new plants can grow and flourish.

You need to physically get rid of stuff and here’s the challenge. For 9 days in a row throw out 27 items per day, which will total 243 items you get rid of. You’ll be surprised how good this makes you feel.

To see the 6 steps in detail you can download Kathryn’s FREE GIFT6 STEPS TO YOUR AMAZING 2018

Thinking is a limited resource so simplifying things in your life is a great idea.

Positive on Publishing Podcast

This podcast came about because there’s so much pain in the publishing world and 80% of people want to write a book, but the process has got to be fun, or otherwise they won’t do it, or they’ll get burnt.

Publishing is a complex industry and everyone says all you need to do is take action, but first you need preparedness.

You also need to understand the publishing options available and what’s best for you. Should you self-publish, create an eBook, use CreateSpace or try a traditional publisher.

Make Everything Fun Website

Kathryn created the make everything fun website and single Facebook Page so everything was in one place.

If you have too many websites to manage, it’s like having too many shirts to choose from, it once again takes up mental energy.

It’s all about simplification.

Some people like nutrition and some people like writing. By having everything on one website and one Facebook page it lets your audience see what else you do. You may be surprised that your audience in one area is interested in other things you do. 

Monday Morning Tip

Eat That Frog: Before you go to sleep each night you need to know what your most important task is for the next day and you need to do that first before anything else.

You may not get it all day in one day, so give yourself a time limit and schedule others days for it’s completion.  

Don’t get dragged into OPA: Other Peoples Agenda.  

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