Episode 19 - Create, Execute and Repeat with Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas is an amazingly talented young man based in Bakersfield California. Jordan is the author of three books and his most recent book is Create, Execute, Repeat – Leveraging Creativity in Business & Life. 

But here’s something really cool about Jordan, he’s only 20 years of age and is currently study Business Administration at California State University in San Bernardino?

Three books already at 20 years of age…Amazing!

Greg Walker, author of DREAM TO GROW RICH, sums Jordan Thomas up perfectly; HE’S A MILLENNIAL THAT UNDERSTANDS LIFE.


Music was Jordan’s first passion and he began signing when he was five years of age and began writing his own music when he was seven years of age.

So far he has written three books, two poetry books and one business book, so it’s proof that business and creativity can obviously coexist.


Many people see business as being, stiff, boring and constrictive, however many people miss a key element of true business success; innovation.

In business you do not have to act or think a certain way anymore. Technology has changed all this.

The purpose of being in business is to expand your thoughts and to open your mind, but at the same time don’t be foolish.

It’s really important to make sure your choose the right career path.

The root of your fruit

What we produce, the content we create is our fruit and it’s about progress, not perfection. It’s important to not over-stress and try to please everyone.

It’s also important to not compare your life to other people and what they have achieved. What we see on social media is not realty, therefore our perception is not always right.


In Jordan’s book it’s about understanding how the creative mind works, not so much about having a creative mind.

Your creativity is affected by many factors. Who you surround yourself with is extremely important. Success breeds success. 

Life is not about entertaining it’s about edifying.

Be a Go Giver

You always here about people who are go-getters, those that are willing to go out there and get what they want, but it’s more important to be a go-giver.

In life you should be trying to give, not always trying to get.  


There are three C’s to execution: Change, Confidence and Christ and when you’re confident you’re more willing to change.

Jordan’s new Blog address www.impactoverincome.wordpress.com

Jordan’s goal is to make an impact in life, that’s what matters in the end. Income is important, but impacting others is far more important.

Joy over happiness

Joy is a constant state of mind, whereas happiness is a fleeting moment. Joy is long-term and it’s far more important than happiness.

It’s all about your priorities in life. Ask yourself today…What is important?

FACEBOOK: Jordan Thomas

Jordan’s Book: Create, Execute, Repeat is available at all online bookstores.

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