Get Off Your Bum

This week’s episode is all about connecting with other people and building long-term relationships by getting off your bum.

I was recently interviewed on the Amplify Your Business Podcast with Matt J. Hanham, and Matt asked what advice would I give a business owner that would help propel their business.

My answer was really simple “Get off your bum”.

Put In Effort

Too many businesses open their doors and think everyone is going to just walk in, without having to put in any effort.

Businesses survive long-term by building connections with people.

I remember when I opened my first podiatry business on the Gold Coast in 1989, it took me three and a half months to visit every doctor, physiotherapist, and chiropractor in the area.

I didn’t know too much about running a successful business back in 1989, but this is one thing I did get right and it really paid dividends.

I did exactly the same thing when I moved to Cairns. I got off my bum and made a huge effort to try and connect with as many people as I could.

No Limits

But I didn’t limit my connections to doctors and physiotherapists; I made an effort to meet coffee shop owners, hairdressers, and other small businesses owners at various networking events.

If your business is not performing as well as it should it’s because you’re not connecting with people or trying hard enough to build long-term relationships.

Who Are You?

I’ve lost count of the amount of businesses I’ve seen in Cairns go broke over the past decade, and one thing they’ve all had in common; I have no idea who the owners were.

Sometimes these businesses have been just a few doors down from my business and I still couldn’t tell you who they were.

Now am I saying these business owners should have dropped into my business unannounced, but how hard would it have been to ask my receptionist for our contact details, and then followed this up with an email.

Here’s an idea

Imagine if a restaurant owner came in with some samples of their food at lunchtime? This would definitely get our attention and if the food is good, we would talk about it the rest of the day and may even call up and make a booking.

Every business can do the same, regardless of the industry.

And yes you can connect with people via Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, and I think it's important to do this, however what if you do both?

If you can connect with people face-to-face as well as on social media, you’re going to build your business so much faster.

If you have any questions about this podcast please email me directly at email/tf)( as I would love to hear from you. 

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Visitor Comments

Amerika Young on 22 Dec 2017
I agree about the personal connection with people. I’ve noticed a huge difference lately after connecting with people I’ve met over Instagram in person or keeping in touch with acquaintances I’ve met at events. Nothing beats personal connection.
Tyson Franklin on 22 Dec 2017
Hi Amerika, you're spot on. Nothing beats personal connection. You can exchange a hundred photos and likes on social media, but one thirty minute face-to-face meeting holds far more value. Thank you for your comments.

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